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children's room, colorful stripes rug, black wall with planets drawing, grey curtain, yellow chair, white shelves, white floating shelves Sorting with Style

Children's Room, White Woden Crib, Yellow Shelves With Blue Pink Boxes, Yellow Floating Hexagon Shelves, White Pendant, White Blue Cabinet, White Chair, Ottoman
Children's Room, Colorful Rug, Green Tent, Salem Wall With Grey Area With Accessories, Green Area With Floating Shelves
Children's Room, Grey Rug Flooring, White Yellow Stripes Rug, Colorful Tent, White Blue Grey Wall, White Shelves
Children's Room, White Wall, Windows, Low Colorful Chairs, Low Side Table, Rattan Baskets, Tosca Shelves, White Rug With Colorful Lines
Children's Room, White Floor, Soft Geometric Rug, Wooden Boxes Rack, Wolorful Wallpaper, Children's Table Stool And Bench
Children's Room, Colorful Rug, White Wall, Blue Wall, Stripes Bedding, Wooden Platform, Side Table, White Lamp, Blue Curtain
Children's Room, Colorful Stripes Rug, Black Wall With Planets Drawing, Grey Curtain, Yellow Chair, White Shelves, White Floating Shelves
Children's Room, Wooden Floor, White Crib, White Shelves, Wooden Modern Chair, Red Stool, White Cabinet, Rattan Rug, Colorful Rug, Lion Rug
Children's Room, Wooden Floor, Colorful Stripes Rug, Colorful Wallpaper, Wooden Beds With Colorful Bedding
Children's Romm, White Rug, Colorful Rug, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, Pink Transition Toddler Bed, Colorful Wall Decoration

Colorful children’s room is really fun. It will give children the support to express themselves. And adding colors can be done in many items in the room from the ceiling to the floor. And here below are some ideas in adding colors in children’s room through the rug on the floor.

Colorful Geometric
The overall look in this nursery is really colorful with the yellow floating geometric shelves, yellow shelves with blue and pink box, blue white cabinet, and lots of decorations. Thus, the colorful geometric rug brings a really strong colorful look.

Colorful Play Room
Besides bedroom, children sometimes have their own play room and it means double fun in decorating. This one here shows how fun the room is with the colorful wire chairs, table, and rug.

Layered Rugs
Colorful rug might be a great idea to make the room looks fun and the pattern will bring more accents. However, layering rugs can be even more fun, especially when the rugs have different material like this one here. With plain rattan rug, colorful rug, and lion rug, the room looks more interesting.

Combining Colors
Not only that layering rugs is interesting and fun, combining it with another items that has the same vibe strengthen the fun even more. Like this one here, the colorful rug is a great match for the colorful blanket and wall decorations.

Textured Colors
Rug has always been an added textured to the room, and adding colorful rug can feel like you added much more textures, just like this one here. And not only that, similar to the previous one, this one also strengthen the colorful vibe on the wall. The painted wall here also looks interestingly colorful with three different colored areas that specialized in different role.

Learning Rug
There are so many learning tools out there. Having it on the rug can make the learning subtler, especially when it also decorates the room, just like this one here.

Bold Stripes
Another a popular colorful rug is the stripes rug even if it’s only one bold color with white, like this one here. With grey canvas on the layers under, this yellow white stripes rug looks even pronounced.

Colorful Stripes
While white stripes can work the best for those who love going bold without getting too much, those who love bold colors and want to be bolder, this one here brings out bold colors and makes it clearly shows on stripes.

Soft Colors
While the previous one has bold colors on the rug, this one here presents colorful rug with the soft side. And this one completes neutral colors in this room with pretty finished look.

Thin Colorful Stripes
This one here is another colorful stripes. However, while the others are in large stripes, this one here is thin and it’s not as bold as the previous ones. With the colorful wallpaper compliments the other colors in the room including the ones in the rug.

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