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pathway, square earth tiles, colorful mosaic, brown stones on frame Institue of Mosaic Art

Pathway With Mosaic Soft Colored Tiles, Stones, Peebles, Surrounded By Green Grass, Plants
Stairs With Earthy Tiles, Pebbles, Stones
Stairs With Colorful Ties, Soft And Light Beige Tiles
Small Pathway With Colorful Mosaic Tiles In One Line, Colorful Small Statues, Plants
Earthy Tiles, Blue Pebbles Framed, Plants, Red Building, Old Building
Pathway With Colorful Plain Tiles Surrounded By Flowers And Plants
Blue Gradation Tiny Mosaic Tiles On The Pathway With Plants And Garden Pool On The Side
Small Pathway With Small Vibrant Tiles, Earthy Tiles
Pathway With White Tiles, Colorful Patterns, Branch Patterns, Open Brick Wall On One Side, White Wall, Plants
Pathway, Square Earth Tiles, Colorful Mosaic, Brown Stones On Frame

Sometimes, when it feels like it’s already so tiring decorating the interior of the house, the exterior becomes number two. And it can take longer time to make an interesting look on the outside. However, this one here tries to give you some insights on how a pathway or your yard can look fascinating.

Colorful Plain Tiles
When decorating interior, sometimes, we bought too many tiles and it is left unused. To make sure that everything bought is used, making tiles pathway from it can be an interesting idea -although buying new ones is not forbidden too. Seen here is some colorful plain tiles arranged interestingly to make a path to the door. The flowers and plants add the joy to the view.

Soft Colorful
This one here combining more natural stones and pebbles that have been colored in soft pink and blue. The soft look makes the pathway looks calming, hence the house too.

Blue Framed
Similar to the previous one, this one here also combines the material on the pathway. Using colored pebbles as the frame and fill the pathway with earthy look tiles, these two contrast look creates pronounced beauty.

Mosaic Painted
As the combining patterns on the previous one are interesting, this one here really takes it to another level. Combining earthy tiles with vibrant colorful mosaic is really interesting, especially when the mosaic successfully creates actual drawing like this one here. With the neutral background this vibrant colors are even more pronounced.

Big Pattern
While it is really interesting to hold random pattern, having big pattern can be really attractive too. This one here has a tree branch pattern with colorful groups of mosaic tiles in between that brings cheerful note to the white tiles.

One Line
Even though it is relieving to have wide pathway, having one line pathway is enough too as we step one by one foot so that it won’t affect much to our walking. This one here has colorful tiles with the same pattern but different coloring. As the colors are combination of vibrant and soft colors, it’s colorfully balanced. Surrounded by small colorful statues definitely makes this pathway even more interesting.

Painted Tiles
It is interesting to have a combination of different tiles in one line that lead to your home. However, it will be more interesting to paint them, like this one. Seen here, earthy tiles are combined with vibrant colors together.

Mosaic Stairs
AS pathway sometimes includes stairs, please don’t hesitate to make the stairs more attractive too. This one here looks so stunning in blue and orange colored tiles and pebbles on the stairs.

Lighter Look
If the previous one can seem too vibrant, this one here looks lighter and softer without forgetting the vibrant colorful look on the vertical tiles on the stairs. Leading to a beige floors with pebbles pattern on the center, these colorful addition can uplift the mood.

Blue Gradation
This one is one of those with grander pattern. With blue gradation look from the ligthest to the deepest one before it comes to the garden pool. It is really eye pleasing to have this big, grand, amazing pattern on the garden.

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