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bedroom, wooden floor, white rug, white wall, black metal bed platform with white bedding, plants on floating shelves, brown leather chair, ceiling fan School House

Bedroom, Dark Wooden Floor, White Grey Wall, Grey Bedding, Dark Wooden Bed Platform, White Bedside Table, Simple Wooden Bench, Pendant, Plants
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Bedding, Colorful Blanket Pillows, Beige Wall, Wooden Geometric Shelves And Decorations, Plants And Books,
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Bedding, Yellow Blanket, Wooden Bedside Table, Plants On Pot, Rattan Table Lamp, White Wall
Bedroom, White Bedding, Stripes Blanket, Grey Wall, Plants On Headboard, Windows Sill Floating Shelves
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Tall Mirror, Wooden Pictures Displays, White Side Table, Mauve Bedding, Small Rug, White Cabinet, Plants On Pots
Bedroom, Wooden Flor, Plants On Floor, White Bedding, Flowery Wallpaer
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Crate Platform, Wooden Crate Bedside Table, White Wall, Black Pendant, Macrame, Black Study Table, Plants On Pot
Bedroom, Beuge Rug, Colorful Rug, Warm Brown Bedding, Dark Grey Wall, Floating Shelves For Ponts, Wooden Cabinet On Bedside, Round Mirrors, Blue Table Lamps
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Wall, Black Metal Bed Platform With White Bedding, Plants On Floating Shelves, Brown Leather Chair, Ceiling Fan
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Wall, White Bedding, Black Metal Platform, Floating Shelves, White Bedside Shelves, Plants

Bedrooms should be comfortable because it’s the place you actually get rest. It should be relaxing and refreshing at once. However, it can be tough when you have limited space. Below are some ideas you can get inspirations from of small comfortable bedrooms that also combining plants as the refreshing touch.

Cozy Mauve
Warm and sweet color like mauve will help a room looks incredible. Combined with wooden floor like this one, it looks so cozy to sleep in. Added by several greens both from the plants and the pillows, the room has a refreshing hints.

Low and Boho
When working on with small room, getting larger and airy effect is probably what people mostly want. Seen below, the room successfully get that with low wooden bed reuse platform. The room feels bigger. The natural touches and decorations follows bohemian look with the plants, wooden refurbished table, and even macrame on the wall.

Freshly Warm
This one is another warm look with natural look on the floor, rug, table, even on the plant pot. Added with mustard blanket, the fresh and warm room is strengthened with the warmth.

Earthy Dark
One thing that can be done in acquiring warm look is by using neutral color, like seen below. The neutral colors used here is the dark brown on floor and platform, combines with white grey look on the layered bedding and plants decoration. The wall itself is painted differently with grey and white.

Warm Bohemian
As bohemian style is one of the styles that never forget plants, it is understandable to get bohemian look when you want to create cozy room with plants decorations. Seen below is a bedroom with warm earthy colors of brown on dark grey canvas on the wall. The plants are on the pots on floating shelves.

Plants on Top
While the previous ones focusing the plants on the floor or table, this one here puts all on the floating shelves on top of the headboard. This way, when you have long delicate branches, it will fall beautifully like a curtain.

On Headboard
Similar to previous one, this one too putting the plants on the headboard. However, in slightly smaller size, the bedroom looks simpler. And it is in line with the small space seen in the picture.

Fauna on the Wall and Floor
Back to the plants on the floor, this one here completed the look by not only putting plants on the floor but also on the wallpaper. The tiny look in the picture looks really comfortable and bright due to the corner position and glass window.

Interesting Shelves
While comfort can be gained through the fluffy and warm colors, this one here adds another interesting point in the room with attractive geometric wooden shelves on the wall and ceiling. On it, the books, accessories and plants are put nicely, besides on the wooden small stairs near the window.

Nicely Put
This small and sweet room is so simple and nicely arranged. With simple bedding, white bedside cabinet and plants both on the floating shelves and floor, This nice looking room is admirable.

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