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comfortable living room, wooden floor, white wall, white rug, brown leather sofa, navy lounge chair, wooden piano, white curtain, white floor lamp, rattan coffee table Froggy PIC

Living Room, Brown Rug, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Shelves, White Window Bench With Brown Cushion, Brown Sofa, Brown Chair, Coffee Table, Red Ottoman
Living Room, Pastel Rug, Grey Sofa, White Wall, White Ceiling, Pastel Ottomans, Wooden Tray Cofee Table
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Dark Wall, Black Shelves, Wooden Posts, Grey Sofa, Wooden Chest Coffee Table, White Rug, White Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Hanging Plants, Wooden Bench, White Cushion, Rattan Chair, Glass Chandelier, Ottoman
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Rug, White Marble Nesting Table, Dark Grey Soaf, Brown Leather Chair, Fireplace With Wooden Accent Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Sloping Ceiling, Colorful Rug, Green Sofa And Chair, Silver Coffee Table, White Chandelier
Open Living Room, Wooden Floor, Green Wall, Green Ceiling, Small Glass Pendants, White Sofa, Wooden Cabinet, Golden Pendant, Chair, Blue Ottoman
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Glass Door, Glass Window, White Cabinet, Brown Sofa, White Rug, Round Miror
Open Living Room, White Rug, Brown Floor, Dark Green Wall, Beige Chairs, Grey Sofa, Leater Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Rattan Stools, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Dark Blue Stool
Comfortable Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Rug, Brown Leather Sofa, Navy Lounge Chair, Wooden Piano, White Curtain, White Floor Lamp, Rattan Coffee Table

In a living room, comfort is one of the most appreciate vibes. In decorating living room, you would want to make sure that it is comfortable and looks inviting enough so that it would be warmth with the people’s presence. And this below are ten beautiful living room that looks so cozy you want to spend most of your time here.

Dark Wall
This comfortable living room looks like a cozy hole you can be as long as you want. The open room creates an airy vibe that would be perfect for extroverts who love to hold party. The dark wall puts a strong impression that people who love grand gesture would love too. And the comfortable seating is just what everybody wants.

Black Comfort
Comfort look does not always mean a warm color. Even this living room with modern color of black, grey, white can show how comfortable the living room is. With lines of wood look, this monochrome living room looks more comfortable.

Bright Living Room
A bright living room like this one here has a cheerful vibe. Supported with white wall and ceiling, the living room looks amazingly open and beautiful. The wooden floor and accent wall in the fireplace brings warmth to the room in much strong vibe.

Under the Unique Ceiling
This living room, besides being lighted by the glass window also has a really interesting ceiling that it has as privilege. On the corner of the ceiling there are sloping part that makes the room more impressive. The pastel colorful furniture bring endearing look.

Open Living Room
If you have a room that can be opened to a pretty backyard, having living room near the door would be really inviting and open. It brings light to the room and better air flow too. The comfortable seating will let you be more comfortable talking and relaxing for house.

Small Living Room
In an apartment, sometimes you got so limited space, especially when you try to gain comfortable look. However, this one here can show how clean lines in the design can help to solve the full look but still can give comfortable look.

Warm Farmhouse Living Room
If you love to have a really comfortable look, farmhouse style will definitely meet your style. This one here shows a traditional living room with cozy sofa and lounge chair and thick soft rug.

Window Bays
This one offers so many cozy plush seating that make the room look really comfortable. The neutral brown shades bring comfort strongly and the window bay looks like a perfect place to read.

Pastel Comfort
This living room offers comfort in the soft and pastel palette. The grey sofa and the soft brown rug bring together cozy look. The pastel ottomans strengthen the pretty sight too.

Bohemian Pleasantness
Bohemian style is also a style that will support the comfort look. With their details on macrame, fabric, natural material strengthen the look perfectly well.

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