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Concrete Floor, Concrete Wall, Glass Partition, White Tub, Plants, Wooden Rack
Concrete Floor, Grey Wall, Golden Pendant, White Long Tub, Black Faucet, Black Rack
Concrete Floor, White Wall, Wooden Framed Window, White Bedding, Floating Wooden Shelves
Kitchen, Concrete Floor, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Hexagonal Backsplash, White Island, Floating Wooden Shelves
Dining Room, Concrete Floor, Exposed White Brick Wall, Black Pendant, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, White Built In Shelves, Glass Door
Concrete Floor, Concrete Wall, White Floating Sink, White Floating Toilet, White Tub, Ceiling Window, Mirror
Living Room, Concrete Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Warm Brown Chair, Yellow Sofa, Wooden Chair, White Wall, Fireplace
Living Room, Dark Concrete Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling Beams, Grey Sofa, Grey Chair, Side Table, Grey Floating Shelves, Fireplace
Concrete Floor, White Wall, Black Headboard, White Bedding, White Midcentury Modern Chair, Black Door, Large Glass Window
Open Room, Concrete Floor, White Wall, Black Pendants, White Kitchen, White Island, Wooden Stools, Grey Sofa, Grey Rug

Floor is a very important thing in a room. Choosing the right treatment for the floor can take time. However, if you love neutral look that will bring some cool fresh temperature, you would love to use concrete floor. Concrete floor has been popular in tropical places especially in the village as it is not too expensive and it can cool off the steam that the tropical sun sends down. So, if you are interested in looking how beautiful it can be in a room, as there are many finishes you can choose too, you will love to see some inspirations below, which are shown from many rooms.

Neutral Bathroom
Concrete floor gives a neutral look that allows you to improvise as much as possible. However, this one stays neutral on the wall with grey and blue color. The bold contrasts in the room are the white tub, black lines and golden pendant. This neutral look makes the other look pronounced.

Popping Plants
The concrete floor in this one is really beautiful. It has matt finish that looks mesmerizing. This is matched with the wall and together it creates an amazing background. The white in the tub and pots look prettily contrast while the plants freshen the room.

Under the Vaulted Ceiling
Room under the vaulted ceiling is used to have limited space. And for a limited space, concrete can be a solution. The neutral color and smooth look on the concrete floor and wall in this one makes the room seem larger, along with the help of bright light from the ceiling window.

Minimalist Bedroom
Concrete floor is so neutral that it is perfect for any minimalist look. In this bedroom, the grey concrete floor complement the white wall and white bedding. The minimalist floating shelves and pot are just in the right place.

Fresh and Airy
Concrete floor also easily blends with the surrounding. In this bedroom, it supports the fresh and modern bedroom. Even the yard outside seems to blend well with the modern room.

Neutral in Open Room
To make a room look larger, the open room setting can help so much. Besides white wall that obviously helps the room to maintain its airy ambiance, concrete floor also can support minimalist look.

Dark Concrete Floor
Choosing the best finish on concrete floor is important. It will hold the overall look of the room. This one here looks amazing with dark concrete floor as it makes a nice contrast with the white exposed brick wall and the built-in shelves on the other side of the wall while the dining set itself stays neutral also.

Modern Kitchen
Just like the previous one with the minimalist bedroom, concrete floor is also perfect for modern look. In this modern kitchen, the smoothness in the wall and cabinet seems to continue to the floor and it brings a pretty sight.

Bohemian Living Room
In the bohemian room with natural furniture and decorations, concrete floor allows all those features to look as strong as they can. And the room looks strongly bohemian.

Minimalist Living Room
In this minimalist living room, the dark concrete floor brings a strong but neutral touch. It contrast nicely with the white wall but blends perfectly with the grey sofa and chairs. The glossy surface makes it twinkling with light.

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