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Floating White Marble Concrete Planter Box Skale

Three Small Square Concrete Planter Boxes
Long Thin Concrete PLanter Box On The Lane
Asian Concrete Planters With An Ipe Deck
Floating White Marble Concrete Planter Box
Concrete Plant Boxes For Backyard
Small High Simple Concrete Planter Box
Cream White Concrete Planter Box
Contemporary Modern Planter Box
Light Color Concrete Planter Box Outside
Simple Concrete Planter Boxes

Decorating your house is fun. And decoration the patio is not less fun! When you know what options you have to make your home look beautiful even from the outside. Plants might be one important option you can have. With plants, you can five natural fresh feeling in your home. And organizing your plants to be neat in the right place is one of the important things you can do. And you can do it with concrete planter box. The best thing about having this in your yard is that you can ensure that the plants will be neatly plant there. Thus, you can manage the rest of your yard to something else that come to your mind. And the second best about this concrete is perhaps the fact that it add the decorative value to your yard. Here are some ideas you can see.

1. Low Square Concrete Box

With this kind of box, you can plant short plants and you can still the beautifully arranged plants inside.

2. Simple Medium High Concrete Box

This one is suitable for you if you wish to plant that can grow tall.

3. Simple Slim Medium High Concrete Planter Box

This one is simply built and you can leave it like that, without worrying to paint it. You also add built-in chair to make it more beautiful.

4. Traditional Concrete Planter Box

If you want to go simple and raw, you can have this kind of concrete box. It will save you money as it is so simple that you can build a long box.

5. Raw White Simple Planter Box

This one is simple to build but with the hint paint all over it and also on the wall fence, it gives whole different change.

6. Floating Plant Box

This one is really beautiful with marble all over the concrete material it is also built to look like it’s floating in the pool.

7. Neat and Fresh Touch

This one is painted in white cream and to add fresh feeling, it is added built-in chair in the shade of orange. That can be the apple of your yard.

8. High and Tall Concrete

This one is similar to the others except that it is built higher and only a small square to indicates the end of the yard.

9. Three Low Square Planters Boxes

With this, you can have three concrete boxes that scattered in your yard that actually bring a sense of artificial feeling to your yard.

10. Slim Concrete along the Lane

This one is really great too. You can put your concrete along the lane to your front door. You only need thin and long concrete and it makes all different.

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