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Maximizing Space in Condominium

When you live in a condo, sometimes you only have small space to maximize to your need. Sometimes, you have open space for every room. While you build a home you can determine how it shapes, when you live in a condo, you have to think it through on where a room should be and how it should be. It is a different challenge as to how to decorate and how to maximize a condo. Here below are some ideas on condo interior design in some rooms.

Living Room with Two Sets

When you have a long and large room, you can put two sets of sofa and chairs. In this picture, the one side is for the comfortable sofa and coffee table for relaxing. And in the other side is the semi formal set of chair for when you have to talk business or having small dinner.

livign room in condo with dark wood floor, white chairs with dark wood table, brown rug, brown sofas, black sofa, glass coffee table, brown curtain, round crystal chandelier
Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Cosy Family Room

In this picture, you can see that I the long area, the owner put the cosy family room with the soft orange chairs and green sofa, and matching orange brown rug under it.

family room in a condo with rugs, brown chairs, green sofa, floor reading lamp, table lamp. dark wood cabinet, glass coffee table, painting
Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Warm Brown Family Room

This is another warm room that you have it all. The living room have the sofa, the chair, the table, and shelves for books. It can be used to have conversation, to watch TV, and to read.

living room in a condo with rug, wooden chair, brown sofa, brown cabinet, brown and white shelves, brown sofa, table lamp, reading table lamp white curtain
High Gloss Blue

White Living Room

This one serves a tidier and more formal room. If you like this kind of feeling in your room, you can try this great idea too. The furniture is in white and brown to soften it. The wooden flooring gives warmer touch to the room.

livign room in condo with wood flooring, white chair set with glass table, grey chairs, white sofa, glass coffee table, white fireplace, white wall, crystal chandelier
Lux Design

Grey Open Kitchen

This picture also tells you how to maximize your space by having open kitchen near your dining and living area. Even though it is placed closely, it doesn’t look cramped because of the matching grey on the furniture and wall.

living room in a condo with grey chairs, grey cabinet, wood table grey walls, grey pendant, chandelier, grey sofa
Nandina Home & Design

White Open Kitchen

You can also try open kitchen concepts that open to living room in brighter color or even in white like you can see in this picture.

living room with grey sofa, gey rug, wood cabinet, wood floor, and open kitchen with brown high chairs, white island, brown cabinet, white walls
Lux Design

Kitchen with Island

You don’t have to have a dining area to eat. With kitchen island, you can save your space and you can serve your food nearer too.

open kitchen in condo with dark wood floor, grey island, brown wooden chairs, red and black cabinet, white wall
Toronto Interior Design Group

Bedroom in Condo

Because it can be a really tight space, when you live in a condo, you might also have small space for bedroom and for anything else. However, it doesn’t mean you need to do your room poorly. You can still have it your way. As seen in this picture, the owner still does well both in living room and in the bedroom.

living room with white chairs, polished marble floor, white walls, chandelier, and bedroom with wood floor white king sie bed, chandelier, white emboss wallpaper
Hwali Design

Small Bedroom

In order to make the room bigger, in this picture, the bedroom is opened with the sliding door and it can be left like that. All day, you can have your room big. The bedroom and the other room are connected.

condo with wood flooring with bedroom with white bed, grey wall, white table lamp, white blurred glass sliding door, open to living room with grey sofa
Lux Design

Open Kitchen to Living Room

This is for you who have slightly smaller space. You can try having open kitchen concepts while it opens to the living room. In this picture it looks like you can do more than what you can do in a living room. Here, regarding the table and the chair placement, it looks like you can study or eat in the white shelves with high counter top near the kitchen. And even if the bathroom and bedroom is small, it meets all your need

living room in a condo with dark wood floor, dark brown leathered sofa, black wooden coffee table, black and white high chairs, green rug, green pillows, open kitchen with green small rug
Theo Flamenbaum Interiors