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full height glass widow coral pendant lights dark lights freestanding tub shower wall concrete floor Hillstar Construction Services

Dark Tiled Wall Pendant Lights Ball Lights Wooden Countertop Wooden Mats Vessel Sink Towel Holder Built In Tub
Beige Wall Tiled Wall Porcelain Floor Chandelier Freestanding Tub Glass Siding
Ceiling Lights Drama Ligts Tiled Wall Textured Wall Tiled Floor Freestanding Tub Toilet Wooden Cabinet White Countertop
Hanging Lamp Bulb Black Wall Tiled Wall Tiled Floor Freestanding Tub Granite Countertop Vessel Sink Towel Holders
Freestanding Tub Gray Wall Gray Pendant Light Wall Mount Toilet Flat Panel Cabinet Vessel Sink Towel Rack Mirror Window Cover
Cove Lighting Wall Sconce Ottoman Granite Countertop Shower In Raised Cabinet Marble Floor Marble Wall Built In Seating
Vanity Bath Chandelier Wallpaper Built In Tub Ottoman Windows Drop In Sink Tiled Floor
Skylight Golden Light Pendant Light Tiled Wall Tiled Floor Freestanding Tub Glass Siding Floating Cabinet Dark Cabinet Vessel Sink Window
Cove Lighting Wall Sconce Ottoman Granite Countertop Shower In Raised Cabinet Marble Floor Marble Wall Built In Seating
Full Height Glass Widow Coral Pendant Lights Dark Lights Freestanding Tub Shower Wall Concrete Floor

Light fixture is often considered as prominent feature in the bathroom. It is not only complimentary element as it serves to add the attractiveness of a bathroom. Different shape of light fixture fulfill different preference of the owners. Hence, these are ten fascinating contemporary bathroom light fixtures to be viewed.

Impregnable Chandelier

The elegant modern chandelier with the repeating tone of golden floor and wall. The light fixture is placed above the freestanding bathtub that is directly overlooking the outside through the window. It gives tranquil warm welcome of lighting.

Chromatic Light

This bathroom choose beautiful chromatic light fixture that match the concrete wall. Contrasted with the light colors of the lights and the wall, the floating dark cabinet is installed. With the theme of monochrome, this bathroom looks incredibly impressive.

At Contemporary Resident

It is another breathtaking idea of pendant lights in a bathroom. This bathroom has custom light fixture in three different shapes and stunning arrangement. The contemporary elements of this room might be viewed from the adorable wooden wall and its white freestanding tub.

Elegant Light in Black Bathroom

The stylish black bathroom with tiled floor and wall. It is choosing the simple pendant lights with some hanging effect and bulb fixture. It is the perfect combination of simple elegant bathroom remodel.

An Elegant Masterpiece

It is the serenity this bathroom serves with gray wall, dark cabinet and dark ottoman. The main light fixture of this bathroom is cove light completed by some wall sconces and recessed lights. These three light fixtures are so into the gray theme this bathroom brings.

Futuristic Style

The bathroom with tiled wall and incredible textured wall. The light fixture chosen are ceiling lamp and some recessed lights giving some drama effects to the brown wall.

Modern Style Light Fixture

This bathroom may inspire you with glass ball light fixture before the tiled black wall. It is also beautiful to see the contrast color of black with light wooden color on the floor mat, cabinet and the wall.

The Skylight

The bathroom in white theme of tiled wall and floor. Above the custom freestanding bathtub, it is the golden pendant light that successfully attracts the attention when looking at this bathroom. The skylight is great idea to make the lighting in this bathroom more exposed and cleaner.

Gray and White

This big gray pendant light above the freestanding tub also becomes the center of attention here because it is totally contrasted to the repeating tone of white applied here. It is simple design of bathroom with some stunning idea of elements: cabinet, toilet, towel rack and window cover.

Royal House

The spacious bathroom with wallpaper and built-in tub. The light fixtures emphasized are the chandelier above the ottoman and the vanity bath above each cabinet. It seems classic but the lighting is so warm and tranquil.

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