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wrought iron framed cylinder yellow pendants Ryan Group Architects

Sequin Pendants
Clear Glass White Bulbs Pendants
Colorful Bowl Pendant
Shiny Balls Pendants
Wrought Iron Framed Cylinder Yellow Pendants Interlocked
Contemporary Lighting Fixtures With White Bulbs In Each Ends Of Some Crosses
Wrought Iron Framed Cylinder Yellow Pendants
Wrought Iron Chandelier With Half Ball On Its Lowest End And A Cube Framed Chandelier With Yellow Lights
Cylinder Yellow Pendant
Contemporary Lighting Fixures With Small Stars Pendants

As a place for everyone to come and eat together, create a really nice and comfortable dining room is important. What makes dining room comfortable is not only the chairs and table but also the ambiance. With the right color, the right lighting, environment can be created. So here, there will be given some ideas on beautiful light fixtures in dining room that can be presented beautifully, graciously, modern, and artistic.

Twinkle Little Stars

This dining room has superb lighting fixture. The warm lighting from the ceiling gives warmth to the dining room. But the little stars in the ceiling makes you feel like you eat under the stars. This is a perfect idea for you who love this kind of thing.

Contemporary Lighting Fixture

Besides something beautiful, many people choose to have something unique in their dining room. Something like the picture below allows you to have something distinctive in your home.

Wrought Iron Framed

One thing that makes wrought iron framed pendant irresistible is the shadow created in the ceiling when the lighting turns on. An artistic shadow is often made that makes the room beautifully mysterious.

Colorful Bowl Pendant

If you have a dining room with furniture and interior design in the same nude color, you might want to add some colors in your room. Something like this pendant below will allow you to add color and to create luminous glow from the bowl pendant.

Asian Iron Framed

This chandelier is really beautiful. Its shape might remind you of the East Asian traditional house that seemed serene and calm. This lighting fixture gives the same feeling.

A Group of Clear Pendant

If you like something clear and modern, you will like a pendant like this. With its glass clear cage, the bulb can shine as its own color. You can change to any color you like. Although, this white glow can look really pretty with all kinds of room.

Balls of Lights

These are another great lighting fixture that can help your room to find its beauty. With its shining surface that reflecting the light from its nearest light, the light around the fixtures becomes stronger.

Sequin Light

For those who love flappers or 20s fashion will definitely love this lighting fixture. Although, you don’t have to love flappers or 20s fashion to love this. But, seriously, the sequin that falls around the bulbs gives a beautiful dynamic glow around the fixture.

Long Pendants

If having one pendant is not enough to state your style, putting several pendants might help you to give strong statement, just like the picture below. You can arrange it the way you want it. It can be arranged in one straight line or in round line.

A Drum of Light

With the light from a fixture that looks like drum here, the glow will spread evenly across the room. If you’re worried it won’t be enough, adding lighting from the ceiling like this is preferably.

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