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living room, whtie hexagonal floor tiles, beige wall, marble wall decoration, floating black shelves with TV, grey sofa, grey chairs, white bench, gold round coffee table Brabbu

Living Room, Grey Floor, Grey Rug, White Sofa, Low Wooden Coffee Table, Brown Shairs, Black Wall, Pendant, Black Bohemian Curtain
Living Room, Dakr Rug With White Lines, White Wll White Sofa, Black Ottomans, Wooden Coffee Table, White Side Table, Black White Table Lamp
Living Room, Beige Sofa, Round Marble Coffee Table, Beige Bench, Wooden Stool, Wooden Cabinet, White Long Chandelier
Living Room, Blue Rug With Orange Line, Dark Blue Sofa, Navy Atterned Chair, Brown Leather Tufted Ottoman, Orange Chairs, Glass Window, Crystal Chandelier, Blackcabinet Shelves
Living Room, Dark Wooden Floor, White Rug, Soft Blue Tufted Sofa, White Wall, Black Covered Chandelier, Black White Stool With Golden Legs, Black Side Table, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, Whtie Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Beige Wall, Marble Wall Decoration, Floating Black Shelves With TV, Grey Sofa, Grey Chairs, White Bench, Gold Round Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black Rug, Soft Blue Sofa, Black Tray Square Coffee Table, Black Rattan Swing, Pendant, Black Wall, White Wall
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Plaid Rug, Tray Tables, White Fur Chair, White Wall, Blue Fireplace, Blue Framed Mirror, Dark Green Sofa
Living Room, Seamless Beige Floor, Rattan Rug, Wooden Chair With Grey Cushion, Orange Sofa, Wooden Slab Side Table, White Round Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Rug, Dark Blue Sofa, Grey Wall, Wainscoting, White Pendant, Black Round Coffee Tables

Contemporary look in the living room can be so gorgeous as the space is quite spacious. And as commonly the largest space in the house, it would look the strongest there. having quite similar character with modern look, like in the clean lines and the minimalist character, contemporary puts out more newest feeling and has more complexion. If you love minimalist look with some details, contemporary style is probably the perfect choice for you.

Soft Blue Accent
In this one, the living room looks so tidy and clean with some details allowed at the bottom of the soft blue sofa, and the lines on the rugs. The black covered chandelier matches black side table really well.

Contemporary Minimalist
If you love to have minimalist look with some details, you might like to combine contemporary with minimalist look like this one here. The minimalist sofa and bench brings a soft ambiance that compliment the neutral surrounding.

Dark Contemporary Living Room
This one shows a minimalist dark ambiance with contemporary colored. The clean lines on the sofa put a pretty accent. And among this dark ambiance, the minimalist white chandelier looks pronounced.

Comfortable Contemporary Living Room
In this one here, the contemporary style looks so comfortable with white wall and sofa. They make the room looks brighter and more spacious. The grey rug and dark ottoman balance the room in minimal way possible.

Contemporary Elegant
This living room shows more colors, though they’re dark, compare to the previous one. However, the combination of the colors is endearing and elegant at the same time. The interesting details on the wall partition, rug, and fireplace makes the room look rich.

White on Dark
Like trying to balance the look, this one here uses dark color for the wall and white color for the sofa. Putting in between in neutral grey and brown, this room has a neutral ambiance.

Dark and Bright
This one here combines dark cabinet and shelves and the indigo sofa with orange leather chair that creates a bright and strong look. Completed with chandelier, the living room looks pretty, contrast, yet elegant.

Warm Contemporary
Even though this living room is contemporary but it can till add warm color like orange. This one also combines modern accent with the wooden chairs and wooden slab as coffee table. The minimalist and neutral color on the room hug these two styles together.

Show the Dark
As contemporary loves neutral color like black, white, and grey, you can show the black color on the wall, chair, or even rug like this one here. This room is so proud with its black color that it shows it on the wall, rug, tray nesting coffee table, and swing.

Patterned Surface
In this minimalist living room, the surface is mostly patterned either in lines, hexagonal, or in natural stone like. The combination of this subtle pattern makes the living room rich in pattern and details.

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