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Bring Beach in the Shade of Coral and Turquoise in Your Bedroom

When you miss beach, it doesn’t mean that you have to go the beach right away. Not to mention if you live so far away from the sea shore. One of the things that you can do is decorating your home with beach theme. And if it’s really personal preference, you can start with your own bedroom. These are some ideas you can choose when you think of having beach theme bedding, and in narrower options, they are in coral and turquoise.

Bright Coral Bedding

If you really love turquoise and coral, you will love this bold kind. With the headboard and linen in the color of turquoise, you can have coral for the bedding and pillow case and it will not be too much.

beach style coral and turquoise bedding with turquoise linen and coral pillows and comforter
Echelon Custom Homes

Hexagonal Coral Comforter

If the room already has turquoise color, you can concern more of the coral color for your bedding, just to make it balanced.

white linen coral comforter and turquoise pillows
Judy Catrett Sheridan

All Coral with Slight Turquoise

This one is the reversal. When the previous one had turquoise wall color, this one had coral color. And it still uses coral for the bedding. However, for the small pillow case, it uses turquoise as well as for the window curtain.

bedding with coral comforter coral and turquoise pillow

Coral Turquoise Bedding on Soft Room

Having coral and turquoise is also compliment a pale room. It gives more color of cheerfulness.

white linen with coral and turquoise pillows and coral circle patterned comforter

Soft Coral-Turquoise

This room has soft turquoise wall color and the bedding is in turquoise with soft coral pattern. This is for you who like to go soft.

bedding in turquoise and coral pattern comforter
Girl Room

Pale Coral and Turquoise in Pale Room

This is only perfect for you when you love going soft and pale. The bedding is in white with slight accent of coral and turquoise comforter and pillow case.

white linen with coral and turquoise pillows and comforter
Erika Bierman Photography

Soft Turquoise Coral on Bright Room

This one is also reversal on the previous one. While the bedding is in really soft turquoise and the pillows are in coral and turquoise, the ceiling is painted bright orange.

turquoise white linen with coral and turquoise pillows and comforter
Front Door Communities

Lovely Turquoise Coral Bedding

This one is really pretty where the bedding is full pattern but in the shade of light turquoise and coral.

light turquoise coral beddingwith forest pattern
Lorraine G Vale

Turquoise Hexagonal Sheet

This one is similar with the previous unless it’s in turquoise bedding and the coral color is the accent on it. It’s still pretty though.

turquoise bedding with coral orange pillow
Front Door Communities

Bold Turquoise and Coral

This one is really for you who love bold color both in turquoise and in coral although the turquoise is more in the wall rather than in bedding.

coral bedding with turquoise accent