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corner dining set with white wooden table, blue metallic chairs, white corner bench with blue cushion, blue pillows, chandelier Home Bunch

Corner dining set is really pretty want and interesting to be seen in the kitchen. Compared to the grand dining table set, corner dining set is warmer as you have to scoot closer if you want to eat with a lot of people. Moreover, from the table alone which is usually small, even if you eat with one other person, you will still need to sit closely. Besides that, as it is placed in the corner, you get to save the space and makes the room looks larger.

Surrounded in the Corner

Having corner table near the window is really a delight. While you eat and talk to your friends and family, you can see the outside view. And in the morning and noon, you’ll get enough sunshine. With monochrome colour like this one here, the set looks clean, not cluttered.


Not So Cornered Corner

This one here is more like eating in an island or bar. But, as it’s obviously placed in the corner, it’s of course a corner set. If you think corner bench is too large and take too much place, a short bench and chairs will do also.


Rustic Corner Dining Set

Compared to the previous one, this one is probably looks the warmest as all are wooden made and the tone is also so warm, not to mention the green plants in the corner. All from the wooden floor, wooden chairs, and wooden bench with simple nude cushions brings out the natural quality so strongly. Positioned near the sunlight, it is one perfect place to eat.


Clean White

White is never wrong. You can try to match it with any colour and it will not go wrong. It can be the focal point, or it makes the other the focal point. However, in this case, it is saved to say that white has been the focal point. The stark white looks so clean among all those grey and brown colour. Although it can look stark, the round lines and rattan lamp makes it warmer.


Metallic Touch

Metallic has been a favourite touch in interior design trends this year. The set itself looks chic, what with green wooden chairs and colourful pillow, but metallic lamp has made it look modern too.


All the Paintings

There are many things you can do to make a spot look comfortable and one of them is by making it as familiar as it can be. The rug and pillows have done it well but the paintings on the wall gives more to it.


Colourful Choice

Besides painting, personal belongings can also make a space look comfortable, like books. Having a built-in book shelves can make the whole layering perfect in your corner and it can also makes it more personal and comfortable. Having something from midcentury style mixed with colourful pillows sure is brave and interesting.


Romantic Corner

Contrast to the previous ones, this one here looks so romantic with all the soft colour of the window frame, bench, or the shelves. The chandelier and the fresh flowers are surely what make it even more romantic but without it the corner is still so romantically soft and feminine.


Blue Theme

Similar to some of the aforementioned pictures, this one is also in white background. But, look at that. The beautiful blue that has brushed the cushion, chairs, and lamp has made the corner more alive. With white as its contrast, both colours are dynamic.


Simple Corner

One look and it is clear that this corner is as simple as it is. With white bench in the corner without anything else and wooden table and black chairs, it looks so simple. However, the shelves above them have saved them from the coldness of the corner.

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