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corner room, white floor, white wall, glass windows, crystal chandelier, low shelves Casa de Valentina

Corner Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Chair With Golden, Pink Cushion, Ottoman
Corner Room, White Floor, White Wall, Glass Windows, Crystal Chandelier, Low Shelves
Corner Room, Wooden Floor, Black Brick Wall, Grey Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Rocking Chair With Yellow Cushion
Corner Room, Grey Rug, White Wall, Rocking Chair, White Cushion, White Ottoman, Black Metal Stool
Corner Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Coffee Tbale, Floating Shelves, Wooden Chair, Pink Green Cushion
Corner Room, Wooden Floor, Pink Wall, Rattan Chair, Wooden Table, Mirror, Red Rug, Rattan Ottoman
Corner Room Rug, White Wall, Green Chair, Bamboo Shelves, Bamboo Coffee Table With Glass Top, Silver Floor Lamp
Corner Room, White Wall, Dark Wooden Floor, White Window Seat, Rattan Swing, Wooden Bench
Corner Room, White Patterned Rug, Yellow Chair, White Cabinet, Wooden Rack
Corner Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Chair, Yellow Ottoman, Wooden Yellow Plants

Although corner of the room is not necessary important, you will still want it to look pretty, especially when you want your corner to work on something for you. If you have bookshelves near by, you would love to put a chair so that you would get a comfortable seat where you can reach your book easily. These below are some beautiful and exciting corner that you can get some inspirations from.

Swing in the Corner
When you take corner spot seriously, you would love to have decorated well. This one here does not only put it in a comfortable look but a fun vibe is also added. Besides the bright window seat, it has rattan swing that will be a perfect spot to enjoy your spare time.

Comfortable Plants
This corner here put on a comfortable vibe with rug and the plush chairs and pillows. With the plants around, the space looks fresh and warm at the same time. The glossy accents from the mirror and floor lamp is a perfect balance.

Blushing Corner
This corner puts a really pretty look with the pinkish wall and pink patterned rug. They create a sweet ambiance in the corner. The rattan chair and ottoman complement the pink setting very well.

Bright Yellow
Yellow is always able to bring in fun and cheerful ambiance. This one here put bold yellow chair as the center of the space and its brightness brings playful vibe among the green plants. Combined with another yellow, on the rug, this combination is just so energizing.

Warm Yellow
This corner also puts yellow chair to make the corner looks fun. This one here puts a warmer shade that makes it looks more comfortable. Completed by some plants and accessories, this corner makes a nice place to sit around.

Rocking in the Corner
If you love to have some fun and calming place, this simple look might be one of the best options you can have. The rocking chair will help you calm your thoughts and the minimalist look will help clearing your mind as well.

Soft Pink Chair
This minimalist corner is perfect for those who love minimalist look in the house. With wooden floor and white wall, the soft and pastel look in the corner are supported very well.

Bold Traditional
This corner makes a great traditional look. However, although it takes a traditional approach, the pink and green cushion makes a nice accent in this corner.

Colorful Corner
This corner looks vibrant and colorful with only a colorful cushion. The wall and floor makes a perfect white background that pronounce the colorful accents very well.

Beisdes the Fireplace
A warm and nice corner would make anyone happy. This one here has a perfect warm corner. With its rocking chair, wooden material, black subway wall, and the fireplace, the space is not only pretty looking but also has warm vibe.

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