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brick fireplace wooden ceiling glass pendant light wooden armchair wooden coffee table area rug stainless steel appliances Eldorado Stone

Brick Fireplace Wooden Ceiling Glass Pendant Light Wooden Armchair Wooden Coffee Table Area Rug Stainless Steel Appliances
Wicker Chair Red Chair Stone Paving Stone Fireplace Ceiling Fan Recessed Lights Wooden Ceiling TV Round Coffee Table
Stone Fireplace Wood Storage Wicker Sectional Sofa Outdoor Cushions Tiled Floor Red Brick Siding Wood Beams Wood Ceiling Pergola
Stone Fireplace Wood Storage Outdoor Sectional Sofastone Paving Round Wooden Table Wall Lamps Corrugated Plastic Roof
Stone Fireplace Gas Firplace Grey Sofa Wooden Coffee Table Wooden Ceiling Accent Throw Pillow Ceiling Fan Tiled Floor
Stone Fireplace Stone Paving Wicker Chair Outdoor Cushions Wooden Bench Wooden Table Area Rug Pergola
Grey Outdoor Cushions Stone Fireplace TV Gas Fireplace Sloped Ceiling Eposed Beams Ceiling Fan Wooden Craftsman Fence
Pergola Stone Fireplace Stone Chimney Outdoor Cushions Outdoor Curtain Wooden Coffee Table Tiled Stone Paving Patio Flowers
Stacked Stone Wall Fireplace Wall Decoration Wooden Beams Wooden Floor Wooden Wall Outdoor Cushions Ceiling Fan
Stone Wall Fireplace Wicker Chair Stone Paving Pergola Wooden Ceiling Chandelier Recessed Lights Stainless Steel Appliances

Beside the family room, a covered patio with fireplace can function as a place for your family to relax too. How it would not function in this way if you have comfortable stylish covered patio enabling you to lounge with your close ones. These 10 ideas of covered patio with fireplace hopefully give you inspiration to remodel yours.

Contemporary Walk-in Covered Patio

This covered patio has open space enabling you to see the view surrounding directly. It provides you with the custom outdoor cushions that are very elegant and attractive. The fireplace is applied at the stone wall along the wood storage. The fireplace is even more alive with some wall lights applied.

Modern Coastal Covered Patio

It is a typical modern covered patio designed in simple way. It is completed with the gas fireplace an stone wall. The ceiling and the wall are made of the wooden material with the glass sliding. The sofa looks simple yet comfortable with some black accent throw pillows.

Covered Patio with Brick Fireplace

If you are searching for different reference of fireplace wall, this idea might be preferable. Instead of using stone wall, the fireplace in this covered patio applies the brick as its wall material. The sitting space looks even more natural with the wooden chairs and coffee table.

Asian Covered Patio with Fireplace

It is also another reference of fireplace wall stone you can have. It uses white stone as the material of wall fireplace with some wall decorations applied. The other stunning idea is at the wooden floor and wall. With the light outdoor cushion, this patio feels so warm even though this place is not that big.

Tropical Covered Patio

This tropical covered patio is located at the green surrounding environment. It has stone fireplace and stone chimney as the main concern. However, it looks adorable with some cool furniture such as green cushions and short coffee table. The pergola is so beautiful with some curtains and flower plants.

Light Covered Patio

This covered patio present you some lights stuffs as you can see on the light stone fireplace and the heartening wicker sofa. The roof looks so interesting which is made of corrugated plastic. It is indeed perfect place to relax.

Mansion Covered Patio

The fireplace is covered in the stacked stones with some greenery. In this covered patio, you have three kinds of different sitting benches: cushions, wicker chair and wooden bench. It surely looks so warm and homey.

Rustic Covered Patio

This rustic covered patio provides you with the amazing stone fireplace and stone cabinet. It looks more stunning with the stylish wooden ceiling with some recessed lights. In addition, it is also completed with some comfortable wicker chairs.

Farmhouse Covered Patio

It is a farmhouse covered patio with gas fireplace as the compliment. You will be amazed by the sloped wooden ceiling and the cozy grey armchairs.

Contemporary Covered Patio

It is stunning seen form the high ceiling and its furniture. You may look at the lack wicker chair with the contrast red color at the cushions. There is flat-screen TV above the fireplace and this design is another breathtaking idea.

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