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craft desk with storage blue ceiling lamp windows curtains wood flooring desk with cubbies barstools glass door cabinet blue sofa Melissa McLay Interiors

Craft Desk With Storage Built In Bookshelves Crafting Supplies Eclectic Area Rug Green Area Rug White Big Shelves Window Barstool
Craft Desk With Storage Stackable Storage Rustic Square Chair Wooden Flooring Blue Wall White Curtain Window Wood Desk Table Lamp
Craft Desk With Storage Light Wooden Cabinet Pull Out Drawers Chandelier Glass Ceiling Recessed Lighting Artwork Rustic Chair
Craft Desk With Storage Black Tiled Floor Built In Desk Built In Cabinet Accessories Chair Barstool Table Lamp Recessed Lighting Window
Craft Desk With Storage Chalkboard Wall Desk Alcove Drawers In Desk Framed Art Wall Sconces Wallpaper Bookshelf Wooden Desk Chair
Craft Desk With Storage Beige Wall Fabric Storage Floral Cabinets Gift Wrapping Magnetic Wall Rack Paper Cabinets Sewing Machine Wall Rack
Craft Desk With Storage Blue Ceiling Lamp Windows Curtains Wood Flooring Desk With Cubbies Barstools Glass Door Cabinet Blue Sofa
Craft Desk With Storage Black And White Photography Butcher Block Island Computer Desk Cream Walls White Cabinet
Craft Desk With Storage Corner Desk Custom Storage Desk Chair Under Cabinet Lighting Glass Sliding Door Cabinet Pull Out Drawers
Craft Desk With Storage White Cabinet White Wooden Chairs Recessed Lighting Tray Ceiling Beige Floor Tile Metalic Backsplash

A craft desk is a valuable furniture piece for creative people and children. You can arrange it in your home office or craft room. You can also place it in your bedroom if your bedroom still has spare space. A craft desk with storage can help you a lot in keeping your stuff. It provides enough storage space without removing the use of a craft desk. It may be a small desk or big depending on the available space. Here are some craft desks with storage ideas that you can get to complete your craft room or home office.

Stackable Storage Bins

The storage compartment in this desk is unique. These sturdy metal storage bins also act as a desk leg beneath this reclaimed wood desk. The open bins beneath this desk are easier to access than the closed drawers. You can keep arts and crafts supplies here. This desk has a perfect size for a child’s room. It is very affordable.

A Compact Space for A Craft Desk with Storage

This compact space features a built-in desk with storage, built-in shelves, gold wall sconces, and a wooden chair. To add some colors to this white space, you can apply colorful wallpaper ad blackboard wallpaper on the wall.

A Tall Craft Desk

This tall craft desk with storage is placed near the big built-in shelves. The desk itself also has some open shelves. The open shelves are great for an easy access. On the other side of this white desk, there are some drawers for more storage spaces.

Built-In Storage

If you have friends who like making some crafts or studying with you, this workspace is the answer. it has a wide built-in desk with drawers. On the above, you can see there is wall mounted top cabinet with shelves.

A Craft Room with Many Storages

This craft room provides many storages. It also has multiple workspaces for different tasks with white countertop. The craft table has spacious storage, barstool, and a white table lamp.

Double Craft Desk with Storage

This room has two craft desks with shelves on both sides and barstools. The room also gets blue accents from the lighting, chairs, and mobilized rack.

Decorating A Craft Room

This trendy craft room has a built-in desk with many storages. A colorful artwork is placed on the wall in front of shewing space to decorate this room.

Bobbin Storage

This tread caddy is from Martha Stewart collection. This corner craft space also offers many storage spaces especially the bobbin storage. The blue wall and recessed lighting under the top cabinet have brightened this space.

An Art Studio

The windows that look like lightbox can stimulate the outdoor light. The furniture pieces in this room including the craft desk with storage are portable and can be moved more easily.

A Rolling Cart

This room features a desk with storage under the window, rolling cart of drawers, metal brackets against the wall, and top cabinet with wide short shelves for papers.  The top cabinet also has closed storage with glass doors.

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