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Wooden Garage Two Car Garage Trelli Singles Pergola Garage Number
White Garage Door Glass Garage Window Trellis Woden Siding Grey Roof Brick Paving Wall Lamps Craftsman Garage Door Craftsman Fence
Velvet Garage Craftsman Garage White Siding Brick Wall Glass Window Paving
Barn Garage Door Stable Door Hardware Pulls Stone Wall Garage Window Trellis Wall Lamp Grey Roof Paving
Craftsman Garage Door Three Car Garage Red Brick Curved Driveway Wooden Trim Wooden Door Grey Roof
Wooden Garage Three Car Gaarge Canopy Garage Holder Garage Window Shingle Garage Lamps Rock Decoration Brick Driveway
Wooden Garage Glass Window Wood Trim Garage Pulls Paving Wooden Ceiling Balcony Antique Lamp Exposed Beams
Canopy Pergola Wooden Garage Door Garage Window Garage Number Wall Sconce Shingle Siding Paving Stairs
Wooden Garage Door Door Holder Glass Garage Window Trellis Wooden Siding Wooden Ceiling
Wooden Garage Door Wooden Trim Wooden Pillars Garage Pulls Stone Siding Garage Lamp Grey Roof

As one of home features, craftsman garage door does not only provide you an attractive look but also a satisfaction for the owner. If you are looking for craftsman style garage door ideas, these 10 designs are hopefully meet your expectation.

Barn House Craftsman Garage Door

It is a three-car garage door of barn house that is very appealing with the contrast red brick wall and grey roof. It looks even more attractive with the curved large driveway paving enabling you to manage your car freely.

Asian Craftsman Garage Door

This is two-car craftsman garage with pergola and shingle wall in Asian style. It has small air space functioning as the garage window. In addition, the splendid garage number is another feature that can be your inspiration.

Clean Look of Garage Door

It a white craftsman garage door in two-story house with appealing glass window. The garage matches well with some home features such as the fence, window trim and pillars. You also can have brick material as the siding of the garage with simple splendid wall lamp. In front of the garage, you may apply stone driveway along with the red stone pathway.

Mid-Century Craftsman Garage Door

This style presents you brown wooden door with two door pulls and glass window above. The window garage is featured with the wooden trellis signifying its natural sense. The siding is made of the wooden slat that makes the garage door more charming and attractive.

Contemporary Craftsman Garage Door

It will be exciting you and people around you enjoy the look of beautiful contemporary garage door like this design. It is a wooden garage door with wall sconce and magnificent garage number. To make it more interesting, there is a piece of wooden feature above the garage hanged at the trellis.

 Stable Garage Doors

It is a farmhouse garage with stable door and pulls. It is well-applied in mansion house with stone tiled wall. This house also has large driveway, something which is pleasing the garage users.

Countryside Garage Door

It is a traditional craftsman garage door with wood as the main material. The siding is made of stone with the antique lamps. Though it is traditional style garage door, it still gives you thousand reasons to have this design.

Lake House Craftsman Garage Door

It is three-car traditional craftsman garage with window and pulls. The siding is made of shingle wrapped in green color. There is a decoration of rock river that adds the beauty of this house.

Rustic Craftsman Garage House

It is a barn house with hardwood garage door and glass window. What interesting in this house are some exposed beams and wooden balcony that make you feel to come back into traditional era.

Velvet Craftsman Garage

It is three-car contemporary craftsman garage door in modern house. It is attractive to have the brick wall as the siding and glass window feature.

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