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woode crates for shelves on the wall and ceiling Inspira Spaces

Wooden Crates For Bookcase Supported On The Wall On Study Room With Wooden Table, Black Chair, Floor Lamp
White Wooden Crate For Floating Shelves For Bathroom, Rattan Basket
Woode Crates For Shelves On The Wall And Ceiling
Woode Crates Stack Tidily On The Wall And Ceiling, With Pendants, Wooden Table, Wooden Bench With Black Cushion, Wooden Chair With Black Cushion
Wooden Crates Arranged As Bookcase Geometrically And Simply
Wooden Crates Zigzag As Cornered Shelves
Woode Floating Bookcase In Nursery
Kids Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Floating Shelves, Crate Boxes On Shelves, Wooden Table
Wooden Crates Stack Tidily To The Wall With Books, Decorations, Plants, Wooden Floor, Round Chair With Leather Seating, Metal Coffee Table
Colorful Wooden Crate Used For Shoe Rack On The Hallway With White Wooden Wall, Grey Floor Tiles, Rug

Crates can be really helpful when you need to store or move fragile things. When you’re done with crates, sometimes you have to throw it away. However, unlike many other items, crates are actually items that can be reused. In line with eco-friendly campaign, by reusing crate you will help minimizing the amount of trash the whole world throw away. And here below are ten ideas on how you can maximize the use of crates that you don’t have to create trash.

Shelves in Nursery
One of the thing that you can create from used crate is bookcase for nursery, like this one here. The shelves for children are usually the one that you can display the cover so the children will be able to see the picture. Of course, you will have to do some work in cutting down the wood and make it smooth and safe for children.

Store the Toys
Another use that can be done for crate is for toy storing. Using crates as the boxes to store the kids’ toys is a great idea to save the crates. By making sure all the surface is smooth without anything dangerous for the kid, the crate is good to go.

Floating Shelves
The next use of crate is obviously being shelves in any room. It is probably the most common use. And it can be used in any room you can think of. Seen in this picture is crate used as floating shelves in the bathroom. Painted in white, it easily looks perfect for neutral or beach theme.

Colorful Shoe Rack
IF you are bored with the usual shoe rack, this one here has a creative idea. Using colored crate, this one here shows a great innovation of reusing crates. It creates fun vibe not only with the colors but also with the placing on the wall.

Entire Wall
If your purpose is not only reusing crates but also creating art, then you might want to have some inspirations from this one with the crates on the entire wall, some opened some closed. It does not only offer storage but it also offer interesting look with brand name displayed outward. And not only that, it continues to the ceiling too.

Aesthetically Arranged
While it is really great to refurbish used crates, if it is not done artistically, it can be quite plain. However, this one here determines that it will not make such problems. With the crates arranged aesthetically, even simpler connection like black scotch tape does not look too poor.

Cornered Shelves
The easiest thing to refurbish crates is by reusing it as bookshelves. And this one here has created cornered bookcase with boxes of wooden crates. It is simple yet looks unusual.

Shelves on Study Room
Shelves are easily shaped into bookshelves with books inside the crate or in between crates just like in the picture below.

Tidy Stacks
Similar to one of the previous ones, this one here also continues the stack of crates from the wall to the ceiling with tidier arrangement. With something like this, you will able to get the pattern of lines on the back of the crates too.

Stack of Crates
Still on the stack of crates, this one here displays how easy to create shelves from wooden crates alone. It serves you warm and familiar vibe.

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