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kitchen, wooden chevron floor, white wall, white upper cabinet, blue bottom cabinet, golden kitchen top, fish scales backsplash, golden fishscales partition Côté Maison

Kitchen, Light Wooden Floor, Grey Cabinet, Grey Cabinet, Wooden Shelves On Island, Wooden Floating Cabinet, Wooden Shelves With LED Lights, Wooden Cabinet Pantry
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Marble Island With Golden Metal Part, Sloating Shelves, Kitchen Cabinet Layered With White Marble In The Middle
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Light Grey Island And Kitchen Table With Wooden Layers On Top, White Cabinet With Shelves In The Middle With LED Light
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Cabinet, Dark Grey Upper Cabinet, Wooden Top Kitchen Table, White Modern Dining Set
Dark Grey Kitchen, Black Floor, Wooden Island, White Stool, Grey Cabinet, Floating Wooden Cabinet With Shelves, Decorative Wallpaper
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Soft Blue Wooden Island, Soft Beige Wooden Wall On The Cooking Area, Soft Pink Wall, Soft Green Ceiling, Pendants
Open Kitchen, Blue Textured Cabinet, Blue Tiles Backsplash, Wooden Island, Copper Stool With Blue Seating, White Book Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White, Yellow, Green Cabinet, Wooden Cabinet, Terazzo Backsplash, White Naked Pendants
Kitchen With Terrazzo Tiles Ont He Floor And Wall, White Upper Cabinet, White Bottom Cabinet, White Smooth Island With Yellows Cushion Stools, Wooden Large Cabinet Pantry
Kitchen, Wooden Chevron Floor, White Wall, White Upper Cabinet, Blue Bottom Cabinet, Golden Kitchen Top, Fish Scales Backsplash, Golden Fishscales Partition

Keeping a good mood in the kitchen is important because it can affect the taste of the food. And that is why it is significant to make kitchen look gorgeous, fun, and calming as well. If you are looking for some inspirations to make your kitchen feels that way, these kitchen below can show the creative designs that will make any kitchen to not feel boring.

Fun Confetti
If you love the merry look of a confetti in the room, terrazzo tiles on the floor and wall will definitely brings the merry you need, like this one. Combined with white smooth and curvy design of island, upper cabinet, and bottom cabinet, this kitchen looks stunningly beautiful. The yellow stools are also a great point in this kitchen.

Some Layers
Layer can make a kitchen looks more interesting with applying different depths and thickness on the same items. Seen in this kitchen is an interesting upper cabinet that has different depth and color. The room looks like it has many dimensions. The use of wooden slabs on some part of the kitchen top also strengthen the layer and textured.

Some Spotlight
Similar to the previous one, this one here also combine dark grey and wooden material in making some layers. The modern vibe is felt through the clean grey island and cabinet while it is completed with wooden cabinet and shelves. To bring some fun, the floating shelves are with LED lights that makes it stand out.

Random Colors
Playing with colors can also be interesting as seen in the previous one. This one here uses terrazzo for the backsplash and it’s been interesting enough. But, it continues on playing colors on the cabinet with white, yellow, green, and brown wooden look.

Indented Floating Shelves
In this one, another tips on making layers is seen on the small floating cabinet. The layers stands out more with the LED light under the upper cabinet while the kitchen is remained in dark color besides of the island that is also the stand out point of this kitchen.

Pattern Layers
In this one, an interesting looks is seen in the marble layering both in the island and kitchen cabinet in the middle. On the island, some golden metal is seen at the bottom while in the kitchen cabinet, the sink is strengthen with marble on both sides.

Shelves Inside
In this one, an incredible shelves is built in the middle of the white kitchen cabinet like some pretty designed hole. With LED lights on the shelves, it stands out so well.

Blue Textures
It is always interesting to see a smooth combination of textures, like this one here. With blue colored, the smooth and textured part of the cabinet is seen perfectly. Balanced with wooden island, it is accompanied with copper stools with blue seating.

Strong Fish Scales
Adding an interesting touch like fish scales pattern can indeed strengthen the look. In this kitchen, a pretty partition with golden fish scales is catching the attention in an instant. The matching backsplash and golden kitchen top is such a match to it.

Soft Colors
To make a room interesting by playing with colors, it does not have to be the bold ones. The soft colors can also play well, like this one here. With beige and pink in the wall, it also adds soft green on the ceiling. And to complete the play, blue is added to the island.

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