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black brown horizontal striped curtain Angela Flournoy

Green Grey Sateen Curtain On Arch Window With Classic Rope
Black Brown Horizontal Striped Curtain
Soft Blue Patterned Curtain
Colorful Flower Blooms On Blue Curtain
Soft Pink Sateen On Long Curtain
Sheer Curtains With Pattern
Geometrical Fiery Red Pattern On Yellow White Curtain
Flowery Colorful Curtain
White Curtain With Blue Polkadot Pattern
Ombre Curtain Blue To Brown

Windows have important roles in a room. It lets the room to have the air circulation as well as the light from outside. And if you’re thinking about window, you will also think about the curtain, if you want to put on your window. Sometime you don’t want to put curtain but in a room you wish to have warmth, you will want to have curtain. Curtain helps you capture certain lights you want to come in to your room. Here below are kinds of curtain that you might to have to complete the look in your rooms.

Curtains on Arch Window

This one is only gorgeous! The curtain on the window is really awesome. The soft color matches the room perfectly and the silky material looks really classy it completes the whole room.

Modern Stripes

If you like to have modern touch in your room, you can go with stripes curtain. If you want to look bold you can choose the one with big stripes and if you like to go subtle, curtain with think and small stripes is also beautiful.

Beautiful Flowers on the Window

When you want to make your living room look more cheerful and colorful and soft at the same time, you can try putting flowery curtain on your window like this. The colorful curtain makes the room more alive yet still pretty.

Falling Flower

Full of flower on top of the curtain and getting rare on the bottom makes the flower to seem falling from the top. This is another use of flowery pattern on the window. Such a sweet beautiful sight in your room it will be.

Pink High in the Wall

Choosing the color of your curtain is really a personal choice but if you love looking soft in the living room, you can put soft pink in your curtain and see how pure, clean, and warm the color is in your window.

Soft Blue Patterned

This one is for the room that you have decorated in white or nude color. With this kind of soft color and pattern, you give more color to the room so it won’t be too pale but the room is still sot.

Cute and Sweet Polka Dot

This one below uses polka dots curtain to the living room. This is for those who love to make the room to have sweet vibes and buoyant.

Fiery Geometrical Pattern

If you think your room is too bland, you can go with bold color like red. And obviously, as seen in the picture below, such a bold geometrical pattern adds the merry vibes.

Sheer Curtains

Oh yes, this one is one exceptional curtain. This beautiful sheer curtain with pattern will make a beautiful shadow when the sun light comes through. You will be able to see how the sun shine comes to your room through it.

Ombre Curtain

Just like the hair color trend, this curtain in ombre is quite interesting. The color brown and blue makes a nice changing on the curtain and it obviously adds a great deal for the room.

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