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curvy wooden bench with orange seating and back, pillows, wooden floor, rattan floor lamp, wooden coffee table Arch Daily

White Curvy Sofa With Copper Support, Copper Round Coffee Table, Copper Stool, White Wall, Wooden Floor
White Curvy Sofa With Golden Legs, White Hourglass Shape Comme Table, Pendant, Rug
Green Cornered Curvy Sofa, Round Coffee Table With Glass Top, Blue Rug, Grey Chair, Beige Wall, Windows
Pale Pink Curvy Sofa, Pillows, Grey Floor, Silver Floor Lamp, Plants
Pink Velvet Curvy Sofa With Metal Legs, Pink Pillows, White Rug, White Coffee Table, Accent Wall, Statement Ceiling, Sconce, Pendant
Blue Tufted Curvy Sofa, Ottoman, Wooden Floor, Pendant, White Wall, Window
Curvy Wooden Bench With Orange Seating And Back, Pillows, Wooden Floor, Rattan Floor Lamp, Wooden Coffee Table
Blue Modern Curvy Sofa With Continued Back And Arm Rest Blue Rug, White Coffee Table, Off White Room
Blue Velvet Curvy Sofa With Silvery Look, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, Beige Ceiling
Modern Light Blue Curvy Sofa With Not Fukk Backm Wooden Support

Curve has raised in popularity in 2018 that it will probably stay too in 2019. The sleek but bendy lines brought calm and modern vibe to the room. Not only that, curvy lines also bring comfortable look to a room, so it is a perfect option that you will love to have in the living room where comfort is what you look for the most. Here below are ten modern curvy sofas that you might find enchanting you will want to have the similar item.

Sliding Arm Rest
The interesting thing about curve is that it can surprise you with many looks. It can be really complicated or simple. This one here looks simple but it does not forget to give a little detail on the continuing back that slips under the seat.

Curvy Corner
If you want to make sure your corner will give you more function, you might want to add some sofa there. If you think L corner sofa is not what you’re looking for, this curvy cornered sofa will make it different. With its curve, the room will emanate friendly and warm vibe.

White Curve
Curve lines can be really interesting and exciting. Not only that it can be used in the design of the back but the curve can be maximized on the rim of the seating as well, like seen in this one below.

Blue Velvet
When you pick on velvet material, there is this velvet that when you see it through different angle, it will give you shinier look. That velvet material can benefit the curve sofa as it will give the sofa two colors.

Not-Full Back
Making a modern look with curvy sofa is not at all difficult. With the sleek and tidy line, it is easily gained. The presence of little back can be an endearing offer to a modern room. Added with rug with little pretty details, the room looks stunningly beautiful.

Wood Exposed
An interesting curvy sofa would make it a strong agent of warmth, like this one here below. Seen in the picture, the sofa is seated on a larger curvy wooden support. With this wooden surface, the sofa has more space to store books or drinks even without a coffee table.

Soft and Modern
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has a pretty and modern looking both from the design and color. The slim and modern look is perfect for you who want to add another modern look.

Modernly Pale
Following the modern look in the previous picture, this one also offers modern look. However with its pale pink and more minimalist lines, this emanates more modern vibe.

White CLoud
With several curves on the back, the sofa has looked like a pretty cloud that visits the earth. And in this cloud, the room has looked comfortable and fluffy. The interesting shape has also made the room looks unique and pretty.

A Piece of Sofa
Another unique piece is shown in the picture below with tufted curvy sofa. The interesting thing is that the sofa looks like a piece of paper that crumpled and made a sofa.

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