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custom made kitchen islands soapstone countertops ceramic backsplash undermount sink shaker cabinets ceiling lights stools built in bench hardwood floors eclectic design Laurel Feldman Interiors, IIDA

Custom Made Kitchen Islands Marble Countertop Stools White Cabinets Yellow Backsplash Paneled Appliances Built In Refrigerator Hook Ceiling Lights Fan Hardwood Floors Tropical Style
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Flat Panel Cabinets Granite Countertops Low Back Chairs Built In Racks Undermount Sink Pendants Hardwood Floors White Backsplash Transitional Design
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Marble Countertop Undermount Sink Flat Panel Cabinets Stools Built In Bookshelves Hardwood Floors Stone Slab Backsplash Ceiling Lights Contemporary Design
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Soapstone Countertops Raised Panel Cabinets Round Dining Table Tall Back Chairs Double Bowl Sink Light Hardwood Floors Ceiling Lights Kitchenette Traditional Design
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Bar Stools Shaker Cabinets Double Bowl Sink Ceiling Lights Subway Tile Backsplash Bookshelves Wall Racks Decorations Hardwood Floors Traditional Design
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Shaker Cabinets Farmhouse Sink Granite Countertop Round Dining Table Stools Tall Back Chairs Chandelier Pendants Paneled Appliances Kitchenette Traditional Design
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Stools Granite Countertops Shaker Cabinets Single Bowl Sink Faucet Stainless Steel Appliances Kitchenette Ceiling Lights Hardwood Floors Traditional Design
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Medium Tone Hardwood Floors Stainless Steel Appliances Kitchenette Recessed Panel Cabinets Single Hole Sink Fridge Modern Pendants Grey Backsplash Beach Style
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Wood Countertop Glass Front Cabinets Stainless Steel Appliances Round Dining Table Tall Back Chairs Ceiling Lights Hardwood Floors Traditional Design
Custom Made Kitchen Islands Wooden Countertop Shaker Cabinets Undermount Sink Wooden Table Stools Black Pendants Subway Tiles Backsplash Hardwood Floors Transitional Design

Custom made items are absolutely some of the best things to use in a kitchen because they have potentials to help add something exclusive to the room. Almost everything can be specially made and it means there are various custom items you can create for your kitchen. If you’re really interested in the idea of using custom items in your kitchen, you might need to consider creating a custom kitchen island. Below are several custom kitchen islands you can draw inspirations from if a custom kitchen island is something you want to have in your kitchen.

In a Beautifully White Kitchen

The custom kitchen island below is used in a beautifully white kitchen with pendant lights, wall cabinets, a stove, a fridge and a beautiful wood floor.

With a Warm Gleaming Wood Plank Floor

The custom-made kitchen island used in the kitchen below gets to spend time in a room with a gleaming wood plank floor, stools, pendant lights a bench with pillows, wall cabinets and more.

Elegantly Combined with a Marble Countertop

The kitchen island below is custom-made and it has a marble countertop. The island is in a kitchen with modern stools, a fridge, a beautiful floor, wall cabinets and myriad other things.

Designed to Look Like an Antique Asian Buffet Piece

The simple but sleek custom-made kitchen island is designed to look like an antique Asian buffet piece. Together with an interesting multi-coloured backsplash and beautiful yellow flowers, the piece adds a very beautiful look to the already modern and stunning room.

With a Unique Open Design

This kitchen island with a unique open design shares the room with a beautiful hardwood floor, hanging lamps, dining chairs with interesting designs and decorative plants.

custom made kitchen islands shaker cabinets farmhouse sink standing bookshelves stainless steel appliances ceramic backsplash hardwood floors modern pendants traditional design

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

As a Tabletop and Bookshelves

The interesting kitchen island below can function as a table top and at the same time, it can provide storage spaces for your books as well. The piece shares the room with pendant lights, beautiful flowers, flat-panel cabinets and more.

Complemented by an Elegant Wood Countertop

This cool white kitchen island is complemented by an elegant wood countertop and it’s decorated by cute yellow flowers. Sharing the room with the island are stools, lots of cabinets, hanging lamps and more.

In a Modern U-Shaped Kitchen

This awesome kitchen island is accompanied by interesting stools and two of its best friends are interesting chandeliers hanging above it. The piece is in a u-shaped kitchen with interesting items like an interesting kitchenette, a table with flowers and more.

Combined with a Wonderful Granite Countertop

The island in this elegant kitchen has a wonderful granite countertop and it’s in the same room a chandelier, stools, wall cabinets and a beautiful hardwood floor are in.

In a Large Contemporary L-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen island has a modernly interesting design and it’s in a kitchen with a beautiful hardwood floor, modernly interesting lamps on the ceiling, interesting chairs and myriad other things.

With Space-Saving Built-in Wood Racks

The kitchen island below has space-saving built-in wood racks that can be used to store varied things. The piece is in a kitchen with interesting hanging lamps, tall dining chairs and wall cabinets, among others.

In a White Traditional L-Shaped Kitchen

A white traditional L-shaped kitchen is where this kitchen island is. The island spends time in the room together with two dark dining chairs, many cabinets, a beautiful hardwood floor and more.

In a Small Kitchen with a French Door Fridge

A French-door fridge is one of the things this kitchen island gets to share the room with, aside from an interesting chandelier, a lovely kitchenette, a small carpet and more.

Well Contrasted Against White Painted Cabinets

This kitchen island has a dark countertop, which is well contrasted against white painted cabinets in a kitchen with ceiling lights, interesting dining chairs and various other items.

Integrated with a Solid Surface Countertop

This kitchen island is very lucky since it’s integrated with an interesting solid surface countertop decorated by flowers and it gets to be in the same room with interesting lamps that hang above it.

With Painted Wood to Look Rustic

The kitchen island below is definitely one that suits a rustic kitchen very well. The island is in a kitchen with interesting things like interestingly arranged lamps, interesting stools, interesting shelves and more.

Stylishly Combined with Dark Wood Accents

The kitchen island below is stylishly combined with dark wood accents which help make the kitchen it’s in, which has dark cabinets and a dark hardwood floor, look stunning.

In a Warm Tropical Kitchen

This kitchen is a tropical kitchen and it hosts various things including a custom-made island, a number of stools, a ceiling fan and more.

With a Dark-Coloured Countertop

This custom-made kitchen island has a dark-coloured countertop and it’s befriended by stools, dining chairs and other things that find their sense of belonging whenever they’re in the kitchen.

Enjoying the Company of Glass-Front Cabinets and Interesting Chairs

This beautiful kitchen island enjoys the company of interestingly designed dining chairs, glass-front cabinets and more.

In a Large Coastal Open Concept Kitchen

This custom kitchen island belongs to a large coastal open concept kitchen that has an interesting ceiling, a hardwood floor, wall cabinets and more.

Mixed with White Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is what this island is mixed with in a kitchen with interesting wall patterns, a beautiful hardwood floor and other things.

In an Expansive Victorian Galley Kitchen

This very beautiful kitchen is in an expansive Victorian galley kitchen and it’s accompanied by modern chairs, pendant lights and varied other things.

Created from Natural Tree Limbs

Natural tree limbs are things used to create this very interesting kitchen island, which is accompanied by dark chairs and various other items.

Sharing the Room Together with Old-Fashioned Elements

This kitchen island shares the kitchen it’s in with old-fashioned elements to give the room a very beautiful look it can be proud of.

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