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dining room, grey floor, sage green chair, wooden table, wooden divider, white long pendants, lighr grey wall Coco Lapine

Dining Room, Grey Floor, Sage Green Chair, Wooden Table, Wooden Divider, White Long Pendants, Lighr Grey Wall
Dining Room, Chevron Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Rectangle Dining Table, Wooden Dining Chair, White Long Pendant
Open Room, Kitchen On Beige Cabinet, Grey Marble Counter Top, Wooden Dining Table, Black Modern Mid Century Chairs, Long Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Arch Entrances, Built In Shelves, Wooden Rectangular Table, Wooden Chairs Rattan Seating
Dining Room, Grey Marble Floor Tiles, White Cupboards, White Wall Ceiling, Round Wooden Dining Table, Blue Modern Chairs With Wooden Legs, White Pendant
Dining Room, Grey Floor, White Open Brick Wall, Black Pendant, Wooden Oval Dining Table, Wooden Chair With Black Cushion, Black Chair
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Sloping Ceiling, Window, Glass Pendants, Sconces, White Cabinet, White Countertop, Floating Shelves
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Round Wooden Dining Table, Wooden Dining Chairs, Black Tall Floor Lamp
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Round Wooden Dining Table, Wooden Dining Chairs With Rattan Seating, Black Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Dining Set With Rattan Seating Chairs

Danish interior style is still a favorite for so many people. Despite the outburst, people still want to have it in their home. Because, well, it looks neat and modern and practicality is still what people going after now. And below are ten great dining rooms with minimalist and modern look that depicts beautifully.

Calming Space
With minimalist furniture, dining room will look more airy and spacious. And that will lead to the calming effect the room has. Seen in the picture below, in the dining room with cement look on the floor and open brick on the wall, the natural and open feeling from the wooden dining set is well exposed. The sleek and clean lines depicts modern and natural character.

Near the Window
Having a large window and door to the dining room is a blessing. It is a great feature to have because it gives free beautiful light on the day and air circulation that can goes on very well. And to complete the look, of course the sleek and smooth minimalist wooden dining set is the best.

Artistic Modern
In a natural and neutral look of dining room, this lanky wooden dining set looks perfect. It complements the room very well. Even the lamp has this lanky loo like a floor lamp when it is actually installed on the wall and angled unusually to the dining set.

Simply Minimalist
In this one, you can see the minimalist round dining table that looks perfectly pretty accompanied with wooden chairs with rattan seating. The urge to use all natural material pays off.

Japanese Inspiration
In this one here, you can see the all natural material on the dining room from the floor to the floating shelves. This minimalist dining room is a great inspiration for those who love calming natural feeling and modern finish.

Beautiful Arch
Having arch in the room is really another blessing besides large glass windows, like seen in the picture below. Putting inside a modern dining set is a great step. With the view from the outside and natural forces on the floor, table, and chair, the room naturally beautiful. The black pendant matches well with the window. This Danish design makes the room feels amazing.

Beige Natural
Beige can look so neutral that it looks the best when it is combined with natural material. With natural look on wooden floor and table, the entire beige cabinet looks natural themselves even if they aren’t.

Modern Blue
In modern inspired look, soft blue that come neutral will be a great touch to make thing different but not too far away from the initial purpose.

Grey Hue
Getting grey hue on the room is really interesting. Staying in this hue for everything the room makes it looks so minimalist and modern. The clean lines in the curvy table and chairs brings irresistible look, especially when it matches with the lines in the pendant and room divider.

On the Island
While the previous one shows minimalist and modern look in dining table set, this one here depicts how it will look good on kitchen island, with wooden seat stool and the white polished counter top, wall, and glass pendants.

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