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Bathroom, White Bottom Wall, Dark Blue Top Wall, White Toilet, White Sink, Round Mirror, Sconce
Bathroom, Dark Blue Herringbone Tiles On Wall And Floor, White Wall, Wooden Vanity Cabinet With White Top, White Toilet
Dark Blue Hexagonal Wall Tiles, Wooden Vanity Cabinet, White Wall
Bathroom, Blue Arrow Patterned Wall Tiles, White Tub, Indented Shelves
Bathroom, Dark Blue Herringbone Floor And Wall Tiles, White Toilet, White Vanity, Mirror
Bathroom, Dark Blur Wall, White Bottom Half, Blue Patterned Floor, White Floating Vanity Cabinet, Large Mirror
Bathroom, Dark Blue Wall, Wooden Floor, Whtie Toilet, White Sink, Grey Tub, Mirror
Bathroom, Dark Blue Wall, White Detailed Wall, Blue Cabinet, White Sink, White Tub, White Curtain
Blue Bathroom, White Tub, Blue Accent Wall, Floating Shelves, Round Glass Window
Blue Thin Wall Tiles, Grey Floor, Golden Towel Hanging Rack

A nice looking bathroom can make everyone feel happy when they come inside the room. To make a nice bathroom, you would want to make sure that you room have the best color and design. Although a bright look can be fun, a dark look can look mysterious and bold. One color that allows you to have a nice and dark look is dark blue. Dark blue brings a deep look and makes a room feel elegant. Putting in a bathroom, dark blue will make a room look deep and expensive. These bathrooms below can show how interesting and incredible dark blue is in the bathroom.

Dark Blue Hexagonal
Dark blue can look so elegant and modern at the same time. In the bathroom below, the bathroom vanity looks modern with the hexagonal pattern while looking deep and seriously elegant. With wooden vanity cabinet, the combination is perfect for modern look.

Dark Herringbone
Putting herringbone pattern is easy yet still brings some nice details to the room. Seen in this one, herringbone pattern is decorated on the floor and accent wall. With dark blue color, the pattern looks modern and simple.

Small Bathroom
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses dark blue tiles in herringbone pattern. Covered on the entire wall, the pattern looks strong and bold.

Blue Rain
This one here creates a really pretty look with blue thin tiles installed vertical like rain. This pretty installment brings in a pretty blue rain to the bathroom while also puts an elegant touch to it.

Blue Nook
A small nook in the bathroom can use a dark blue color to deepen the space and makes the room feel larger. The round glass window at the back creates a dramatic light in the small space that is completed with white tub.

Blue Arrow
Similar to the previous one, this one also has similar arrow pattern on the accent wall and makes a really pretty and modern look in the bathroom. Completed with white tub, the combination sends a new ambiance.

Two Colors
This bathroom combines blue and white in a room by separating the room in two part: top and bottom. The top part is in dark blue color while the bottom half is in white, including the toilet and sink.

White and Blue
Similar to the previous one, this one also use white and dark blue combination to decorate the bathroom. With patterned blue floor, this room is prettified with interesting details.

All Dark
This one here shows a bold deep look with dark blue on the entire wall. The large space makes the furniture looks smaller and the blue color looks more intense.

Blue Cabinet
Making an interesting bathroom, this one puts dark colored on the wall and make a deep and larger space. The white wall with details put an interesting note to the bathroom that matches the white tub. Beside those, the room is also prettified with blue cabinet with simple details.

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