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built in shelves on the wall in dark blue, brown leather lounge, wooden bench, white sconces Style by Emily Henderson

Built In Shelves On The Sides Of Windows In Dark Blue, Grey Chairs, Black Coffee Table, Wooden Floor
Dark Brown Wooden Floating Shelves, Dark Green Wall, Black Sofa, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Black Sconces
Dark Tall Bookcase, Grey Chairs, White Wall, Tall Windows Brown Wooden Framed, Beige Floor, Rug, Round Coffee Table
Built In Shelves On The Wall In Dark Blue, Brown Leather Lounge, Wooden Bench, White Sconces
Corner With Dark Brown Bookcase, White Leather Chair, Umbrella Holder, Beige Tiles
Dark Floating Bookcase On Two Sides Of Indented Wall Iwth Fireplace, Wooden Floor, Rug, Black Coffee Table, Grey Sofa
Black Bookcase With Brown Sliding Stairs, Beige Leather Chair, Round Side Table, Rug
Black Bookcase On The Wall With Stairs, Beige Wall, White Chair, Rug, Study Table, Acrylic Chair, Pendant
Dark Blue Wooden Bookcase, Wooden Floor, White Leather Chair, Antique Table, Leather Stool
Dark Bookcase On Dark Wall, Leather Chair, Brown Rug In The Middle

For you who love bookshelves to keep the living room always looks sharp, these below are ten exquisite dark bookcase which is implemented in the living room. However, the dark colored does not make the bookcase looks dingy and uninteresting. It makes it looks strong and prestigious. With books in it, they look like they have their own wisdom. Here are the ten handsome dark bookcases.

Rich Look
This one here is not only dark but it’s the darkest bookcase with black on it. However, it makes the bookcase looks strong and elegant. The sliding stairs makes it classic and practical.

Love Books
Big bookcase is indeed a treat for those who love to read. This one here will make any bookworm happy. Looks so solid and old, this brings warmth to the room and it’s perfect for reading corner.

Modern Hint
While black can be intimidating with all the details in a bookcase, it can be more minimalist and give clean lines for modern vibe in the room. Black bookcase indeed can loom in the room bring strong ambiance.

In the Corner
If you have a small alcove you don’t know what to do, this small reading corner has displayed a great sample that might inspire you. The strong and solid design brings traditional look that is balanced by the beige floor and chair.

Dark Blue
For some people, black can be too strong. However this dark blue bookcase have its dark charm without being too dark. And this one here combines the dark blue bookcase with golden sconces and white chairs that balance the strong look.

Dark Green
Creating dark bookcase does not always have to involve dark bookcase. This one here shows that while the floating bookcase is in wood, the dark green wall brings its own darkness to cast to the bookcase.

On the Wall
An interesting look is seen in this one with the shelves inside the wall. Making a built in shelves like can save the space as you don’t need to add more furniture. When the room is painted in dark color, it helps to make it look spacious.

Dark Wall
While the previous ones balance the dark look with lighter items, this one here looks like it wants to strengthen the dark vibe with everything it has. The black wall and black sconces bring it darker. The leather chair too does not make it lighter but stronger with itss warm leather.

Save the Space
This one here is similar to the one of the previous with floating bookcase inside the wall. However, instead of built inside the wall, it uses the empty space on the wall and make it its own hole. With dark color, this one has ensured its depth is deeper.

On the Window Side
In this room, it is seen that the bookcase are on either side of the window that it does not look so dark even though it’s painted in dark color.

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