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kitchen, wooden floor, white cabinet, black wall, black built in upper cabinet, black pendant, white top Hoom Design

Kitchen, Grey Marble Floor, Grey Herringbone On Half Bottom Of The Wall, Dark Blue Cabinet With Wooden Top, Dark Blue Wall, Bulb Pendant, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Chevron Floor, White Marble Backsplash, White Wall, White Marble Top, Washed Out Green Cabinet, Black Floatin Cabinet
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Cabinet, White Top, Blue Mosaic Tiles For Backsplash, Dark Upper Cabinet, White Wall
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, Black Wall, Black Built In Upper Cabinet, Black Pendant, White Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Cabinet, Dark Wall, Golden Backsplash, White Kitchen Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet With Blue Side And Top, Blue Backsplash With Floating Shelves And LED Lights, White Wall
Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, Black Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, White Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Grey Floor, Grey Cabinet With Indented Area With Wooden Layer, Wooden Top, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet And Counter, Glass Pendant, Black Cabinet Upper And Bottom With Wooden Kitchen Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall And Backsplash, White Top Island, Dark Green Cabinet And Island, Wooden Stools

Having a dark look in the kitchen is not everybody’s taste. As it can look so gloomy and a bother to spot the dirt, when people want to dark look in the kitchen, it’s best to combine it with other practical color, like white and other bright or neutral color. This way, it’s a win-win solution. The dark look is obtained while still manage to balance it with brighter side.

Dark Brass
A fascinating combination is made between black and dark brass in this kitchen. Although the dark side is so pronounced the brass cabinet here makes the look more fun and less intimidating.

Lustrous Gold
Similar to the previous one, among this kitchen with dark green look, there is this lustrous glint on the backsplash. The golden look on the long backsplash is a game changer. With that, the dark look kitchen looks more elegant and fun.

Dark Blue
In this one, dark blue seen on the wall and cabinet looks strong and amazing. The smooth surface of the wall crash beautifully with the herringbone wall tiles and the wooden cabinet. The colors of these there are complimenting.

Bright Lines
Making dark kitchen to look brighter without ruining the dark look can also be done by adding some LED lights. This way, you can have an exciting lines on the dark area. In this one, the LED lights are installed on the backsplash line and under the floating shelves. IT makes the dark blue light up.

Blue Combination
In this one, the combination is interestingly made by the dark blue cabinet, the blue tiny tiles on backsplash, and also the white colored counter top and wall. The differences on textures and materials make another combination.

Long Balance
In this long and narrow kitchen, the yin yang looks so balanced and pretty. The white side is decorated prettily by golden pendants and the black side is decorated strongly by LED lights under the upper cabinet.

Dark Box
In this modern kitchen, the details look so minimalist as the cabinet is so smooth. But the inside space makes a great space with wooden layer on all side. The LED lights makes the space looks bright and strong among the dark ambiance.

Green White Combination
The combination here looks so contrast with dark green on the cabinet and island and white on the rest. These two colors really complimented each other that it looks strong.

Part the Kitchen
In this one, the combination takes part of the kitchen with white side is on the half top and black in the half bottom. This separation looks really interesting as all not only wall takes part but also the upper cabinet and floating shelves on the top part while the bottom part strengthen bu black cabinet.

Yin Yang
This one is another yin yang combination but contrary to the previous one, this one here puts black for the top part and white for the bottom part. This unique approach looks so refreshing and amazing.

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