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modern kitchen, beige floor, dark wooden cabinet, black marble countertop, black smooth backsplash with rail Kitchen Decor Ideas

Kitchen, Beige Floor, Dark Grey Open Brick Wall, Dark Grey Cabinet Openshelves Island, Wooden Stool, White Pendants
Kitchen, Brown Plaid Floor, Black Wall, Black Refrigerator, Black Bottom Cabinet Wooden Top, Black Floating Shelves, White Bulb Pendant
Kitchen, Herringbone Brown Floor Tiles, Dark Green Wall, Dark Green Cabinet, White Bottom Cabinet, Grey Island With Wooden Top, Pendants
Dark Kitchen, Dark Floor, Dark Wooden Cabinet, Black Upper Cabinet, Black Marble Backsplash, Black Marble Island, Black Chair
Kitchen, Beige Floor, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Black Upper Cabinet, Black Countertop, Black And Wood Surface Pantry, White Wall, Ceiling Lamp
Kitchen, Navy Cabinet With Navy Marble Top, Navy Marble Backsplash, Navy Island With Steel Top, Open Shelves, Mirror, Pendant, White Wall, White Wooden Ceiling
Dark Kitchen, Grey Floor, Black Bottom Cabinet With White Countertop, White Sink, Dark Brown Cabinet, Black Pendant, White Dining Table, Dark Chairs
Kitchen, Black Wall, Black Bottom Cabinet, Brown Countertop, Copper Backsplash
Modern Kitchen, Beige Floor, Dark Wooden Cabinet, Black Marble Countertop, Black Smooth Backsplash With Rail
Black Kitchen, Dak Wooden Floor, Black Cabinet, Dark Grey Wall, Black Wooden Chairs, Wooden Table

While most people love to go with neutral or white color in a kitchen, there are some bold people who love to go with dark and black color. White and black has similar characteristic in supporting other color to make it even more stand out. So, you can still work on the bright color if you wish. While white color uses its brightness to make a room feel spacious, black color adds depth to the room to make it spacious. So, if you are in doubt using dark color for a small space, you don’t need to worry anymore. These ten beautiful dark kitchens will show you how pretty darkness can bring.

Black and Wood
For you who love modern styled room, this sleek black and wooden surface will meet your wish. The black smoothness that meets wooden pattern and texture brings modern vibe strongly in this kitchen.

Dark Green
This dark green kitchen looks luxurious and deep. The dark wall and cabinet has created deeper dimension in the room. Combined with neutral color, the dark color looks even more standing out. The copper kitchen utensils matches perfectly with the dark elegance.

Dark Grey
This kitchen pulls out a cold look with dark grey color almost on the entire room including the ceiling. This makes the room feels more spacious and it brings out the stark color like white look brighter.

Pitch Black
This one here has reached the pitch black look. This is for those who are brave enough to embrace dark side. Added with dark wooden table, it looks like the table is floating in the air.

Some Highlight
Having deep room sure is interesting. However, if it feels too deep and you need some spice, glinting surface like this copper tiles for backsplash can spice up the look.

Dark Blue
Another dark look that is used popularly is dark blue. And it still can come in many different saturation. However, no matter the finish look is, dark blue is used in many things. And this kitchen uses blue in pretty well. The cabinet, kitchen top, and marble are all in matching dark blue. To make the dark look seems balanced, this one combines it with white and steel surface.

Smooth Black
While it looks almost pitch dark, this kitchen is “saved” with brown wooden countertop and brown patterned floor. The white colors on the sink and stove among the black color brings differences too.

White Layer
Among this dark kitchen, there is one thin layer of white that looks refreshing and sparkling. And so is the white marble round dining table.

Dark Modern Kitchen
Black is also a great color to create modern themed kitchen. This kitchen shows how black smooth surface of backsplash shows a strong modern vibe. Combined with smooth surface of wooden cabinet on the bottom and upper part of the kitchen, it is perfect for those who love modern theme.

Modern Black
Similar to the previous one, this one here also shows a great combination of black smooth surface on cabinet with black wooden cabinet. The smooth and sleek surface surely brings more simplicity.

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