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dining room, wooden floor, white wall, black accent wall, geometrical chandelier, wooden table, black chairs with golden feet Etsy

Dining Room, Green Wall, White Wainscoting, Green Velvet Chairs, Black Dining Table, Golden Pendants, Grey Rug
Dining Room, Dark Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Wall, Large Windows, Black Metal Cage Chandelier, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, Whit Chairs
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Accent Wall, Geometrical Chandelier, Wooden Table, Black Chairs With Golden Feet
Dining Room, Dark Wooden Floor, Grey Painted Wall, White Ceiling, White Wainscoting, Crystal Chandelier, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Bench
Dining Room, Black Marble Floor, Black Accent Wall, Black Wooden Table, Black Chairs, White Wall, Metal Rods Chandelier
Dining Room, Grey Floor, Dark Grey Wall, Black Tufted Sofa, Black Midcentury Modern Chairs, Black Cabinet, Wooden Table, Glass Bulb Chandelier
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Dark Green Wall, White Line, Wooden Dining Table, Golden Chairs, Golden Chandelier
Dining Room, Navy Wall, Grey Floor, Cream Ceiling, Yellow Pendants, Grey Midcentury Modern Chairs, Mirror, White Framed Door And Window
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Green Wall, Black Rug, Wooden Dining Table, White Midcentury Modern Chairs, White Ceiling, Grey Sofa, White Round Table, Glass Ceiling Window
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Glass Chandelier, White Cabinet, Black Wooden Dinign Table, Wooden Chairs

Decorating dining room can be really fun. As it is a place for having meal with your dearest ones, you would want to make t beautiful. Of course, the description of beautiful can be different from one person to the other. While one can enjoy a bright dining room, the other prefer some deep tone. If you prefer to decorate it in dark and deep look, just do it. Dark room can put a room to look strong and mysterious. It can easily look elegant and luxurious too. These below are ten stunning dark dining rooms that you will find inspirational.

Dark Green
Creating dark dining room does not always mean creating a dining room with black all over the room. Deep green on the wall like this one can create a fresher look of a dark room. Opened to a beautiful backyard brings even fresher look. The glass ceiling keep some balance with the dark look.

Light Black
This one below puts an obvious setting with black sofa and chairs around sturdy wooden table. The lighter wall still brings in black shade but allows the darker and deeper cabinet and sofa to look stronger.

Navy Wall
Creating another dark and deep look can also be done by using navy painted wall. This one shows how beautiful that can be. With grey shades of midcentury modern chairs, the small dining room look clean and simple. It also allows the pretty pendants to look even bolder.

Shining Black
This one here puts a more dramatic finish with glossy black accent wall. This glossy finish is a great match for the glossy black chairs and black wooden table. This dramatic effect is even more strengthened with fiery fireplace on the wall.

Velvety Emerald
This luxurious dining room enhances the deep look by using emerald paint on the wall and velvety chairs. This combination looks so elegant, especially when it is completed with golden pendants like this one.

Black and White
Using white does not mean you will make the room less luxurious. On the contrary, it makes the room balanced and it pops out the dark and deep color. This one here has a nice combination on the smooth gray with the patterned and textured white while also put some warmth to the wooden dining set.

Dark Farmhouse
This traditional dining room offers darker and colder finish that brings the dining room into more modern look. The chandelier brings traditional look along with the mirror and the wooden dining set while the rug and and wall put modern look.

Dark Ambiance
Similar ambiance is set in this one with dark grey wall all over the room. This dark background is perfect for the white pretty chandelier. This makes the combination looks amazing.

Black Accent
Adding dark and deep aura to the room can be done even to a bright white room like this one. The black accent looks so pretty completed with round mirror, black cabinet and white table lamp. The dining set itself looks warm and elegant, especially when it is completed with golden lines from the ceiling.

Farmhouse Elegance
This is how farmhouse meets golden touches. The traditional details on the dining table brings farmhouse spirit while the golden look on the chairs and chandelier puts some elegance inside. The dark background brings this combination into something pronounced.

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