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living room, wooden floor, black wall, white floating cabinet, grey corner sofa, white coffee table, floor lamp La Piece

Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black, Grey Corner Sofa, White Rug, White Marble Top Coffee Table, White Wooden Bench
Living Room, Dark Blue Wall, Dark Green Chairs, Brown Sofa, Round White Coffee Table,rug, Modern Chandelier, Fireplace
Living Room, Concrete Floor, Grey Sofa, Black Shiplank Wall, Woode Side Table, Fireplace
Living Room, Vaulted Ceiling, Black Wall, Black Sofa, Brown Chair, White Rug, Wooden Floor, Black Floor Lamp
Living Room, Grey Floor, Patterned Rug, Wooden Table, Blue Wall, Grey Sofa, Rattan Pendants, Wooden Cabinet
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, White Floating Cabinet, Grey Corner Sofa, White Coffee Table, Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Fireplace, Grey Sofa, Round Marble Coffee Table, Brown Chair
Dark Blue Wall, White Floor, Brown Bench, Grey Rug, Hanging Plants Pots
Living Room, Dark Green Wall, Dark Green Velvet Sofa, Dark Green Rug, Rattan Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, White Wall, Brown Sofa, Rattan Chair, Tray Coffee Tables, Floating Shelves

Black or another dark color puts a brave and bold look, especially when it is put in a large or big size, like wall or sofa, it looks even stronger and braver. Sometimes it can even feel intimidating as well. Besides, it also makes the room has an interesting depth. These ones here give stunning examples that would make you want to paint your wall dark, just to get the best brave look.

Black on Vaulted Ceiling
As black is not common, it is a perfect choice to make a room looks interesting. This one below puts black in the perfect room. With vaulted ceiling, this room has been interesting, but with black wall this space is even more interesting.

Comfort Black
Although black can look cold, with the right details, the room can look comfortable and warm. It is seen in this picture below. The black wall is a strong background to the grey sofa and white comfortable rug. The lighting fixture pulls out warmth too.

Basked in Dark Green
This living room below puts a dark look in the living room. This dark green wall blends smoothly with velvety green sofa and rug. Although contrast, the rattan pendant above makes a nice contrast to the dark living room.

Small Dark Balcony
Creating living room in the balcony or near the balcony can be really fun. The light would be bright and the ambiance would be fresh. If you love putting something strong, dark blue wall like this one can give you dark neutral look that will look good with any furniture and decoration.

Dark Wall and Chair
While the previous one puts a matching dark tones for the wall and chair, this one here combines different dark tones to create the dark living room. The dark blue supports dark green chairs so well. And the contrast on the accessories put a nice and beautiful lines on the room.

Warm Dark Living Room
This one here puts a bright look with dark blue wall. The white companion of the dark blue brightens up the room and the brown sofa and wooden floor makes a warm vibe among the simple setting of Scandinavian room.

Dark Minimalist
This modern and minimalist living room looks neutral and strong too. The floor and sofa brings soft touch while the black shiplank on the wall brings out strength to the room.

Dark and White
Combining black and white is really interesting. These two colors compliment each other and make each other looks even bolder. Seen in this one, the contrast makes from the colors and textures makes the room looks amazing in its simplicity.

Minimalist in Neutral
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts an interesting setting with black wall and grey sofa. The details that makes the room look alive is the white floating cabinet under the TV and the coffee table.

Beautiful Accessories
Although the previous ones put up dark living room, this one here sets a bright and fun living room and focus the dark touch on the wall only.

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