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wooden triangle patterns on the wall with dark and light surface, wooden table, wooden chair, grey floor, white pendants Dara Muscat

Wooden Slat On The Stairs With Some Boxes For Shelves, Wooden Floor, Grey Ceiling
Wooden Shelves For Wall Partition With Triangle Appliance
White Marble Wall With Mirror Blocks, Marble Floor, Black High Table With Black Stools
Built In Shelves With Geometrical Boxes, Dark Grey Wall, White Sofa
Orange Iron Sheeting, Grey Floor, Beige Sofa, Grey Modern Rocking Chair, Coffee Table
Wooden Triangle Patterns On The Wall With Dark And Light Surface, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair, Grey Floor, White Pendants
White Wall, Blue Yellow Red Block With Shelves, Brown Floor, Blue Sofa, Grey Chairs, Red Round Table, Pendant, Blue Cabinet
Brown Wavy Wall, Beige Floor, Wooden Ceiling
White Hexagonal Metal Box As Wall Partition, Blue Chair, White Coffee Table
Decorated Wall With Wooden Map, Blue Yellow Lines On The Wall, Green Rug, Red Chairs, Blue Coffee Table, Grey Seamless Floor

Wall is an essential part of a room. It builds a space into a room. It separates space into smaller space that has its own function. There are many things to make your wall even more essential. One of them is by making this wall puts more statement by some detailed decorations. These below are some of the things you can do to create stronger vibe in your room.

Wooden Slat
Wooden slat is a really interesting wall. The natural look has brought a fresh vibe to the room while it also brings texture and dimension on the wall. Seen in this one is also accommodated with little boxes that can be used as shelves.

Orange Sheeting
This one here shows an unusual setting with orange iron sheeting on the wall. The wavy surface creates texture for this room and add an interesting dimension. The warm color is a compliment for the neutral floor and furniture.

Wavy Wall
This one here creates a really interesting wavy movement on the wall. It brings the room the unusual look. The warm color compliment the pale colored floor and wall frame.

Color Blocks
This one here uses colorful blocks on white wall that has been decorated with black line boxes on the wall. This colorful boxes on the wall looks pronounced on the white wall. Not only on the wall, the room combines yellow lines and colorful rug with interesting patterns.

White Bee Hive
Wall is not only the barrier that lines the room. It is also the barrier that part the space. This wall partition here is something that you can do to decorate the room with geometric patterns.

Built-In Shelves
Decorating wall can also be done by building built-in shelves. With built-in shelves, the wall is not only decorated but also has a practical use. This one here is seen has an interesting that will make the room livelier.

Artistic Wall
A really interesting and smart design is seen on this wall, in the Facebook’s Johannesburg office space. The wooden wall is decorated with blue yellow lines that creates connection straight lines with a map of Africa.

Wall Shelves
Although it is not a solid wall, wall partition is people’s favorite choice to create an open space. It is a great choice to make the room not too strict and make it more friendly and warm. The wooden material brings fresh look and the pattern brings fresh air.

Wooden Triangles
This one here shows a geometrical pattern that support modern look. Combined with dark floor and also wooden furniture, the room looks neutral and comfortable. The majority of natural material in the room warm the room and makes it perfect for a family dining.

White Marble and Mirror
This one here is a tip to create decorated wall with elegance. The white marble looks luxurious accompanied with white marble floor. The black set of high table and stools looks complimented. It makes both pronounced.

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