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bathroom, white hexagonal tiny floor tiles, white square wall tiles, wooden cabinet, white tub, black iro pendant, glass partition, large mirror Instagram - Reichel & the Copycatchic Team

Bathroom, White Wall Tiles, White Tub With Silver Claw Tub, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Toilet, Rattan Baskets
Bathroom, White Hexagonal Tiny Floor Tiles, White Square Wall Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, White Tub, Black Iro Pendant, Glass Partition, Large Mirror
Bathroom, White Square Tiles, A Room For Shower, Golden Faucet, Round Table, Wooden Floor, White Tub
Bathroom, Cream Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Wall Planks, White Planks Partition, White Cabinet, White Tub
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Tub, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Rattan Pendant, Black Wooden Stool, Brick Exposed Wall, Marble Sink
Long Bathroom, Cream Floor, White Wall, White Tub, Light Wooden Cabinet, Marble
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Planks, Brown Wooden Cabinet, White Tub With Claw, White Golden Pendant
Bathroom, Grey Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Grey Wall, Vaulted Ceiling, Round Mirror, White Wooden Window, White Floating Sink, Wooden Floating Cabinet, White Tub
Bathroom, White Tiny Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Wall, Glass Partition, White Tub, Black Iron Cage Pendant, Wooden Stool, Black Rack
Bathroom, White Vertical Planks, White Marble Vanity Top, White Marble Floor, Dark Wooden Framed Mirror, White Sconces, Floatig Wooden Shelves, White Tub With White Claw Feet

Modern look has been really popular in the last years. It brings practicality and clean look together without getting the aesthetic side lost in the way. It can be used in any room. And these ones below has modern setting in the bathroom. These will help you get some inspirations for you to start your own project.

Separate Shower
In creating modern bathrooms, this one puts simple white square tiles to the shower room that is separated from the tub area, also in white. This simple white is combined with neutral wooden floor that makes the room simply beautiful.

Small Elegance
In this small space, elegant feeling can’t escape. With the white claw tub, patterned floor tiles, classic mirror and crystal chandelier, the bathroom looks strongly elegant. It is a nice thing to see how small space can contain such elegant.

Simple and Warm
This bathroom, although small, puts an interesting simple look with white wooden planks on the wall. The white tub with claw feet brings traditional and classical feeling, along with white marble on the counter top and floor.

Expensive and Modern
This long bathroom also put a beautiful modern look with its white marble floor. To complete the expensive look, a beautiful white pendant is installed from the ceiling. The white claw tub and the rug are great complement in the bathroom below.

Modern and Natural
In this one, the contrast of wooden material and all the textures look so great with smooth white tub. The natural look on the marble sink and rattan pendant makes the contrast look even more crisp.

Minimalist Modernity
Similar to the previous one, this one bathroom also brings in modern look on the space with elegance and natural look here and there. The soft colored floor makes a pretty background to the natural forces like stone and wood.

Modern and Geometric Shape
One of the characteristics that modern look love is the geometrical shape that it likes to show in the room. This one here puts hexagonal floor tiles to bring the geometrical patterns. This complements the white planks on the wall and the details on the shower area.

Warm Modern
Similar to the previous one, this one also brings nice hexagonal tiles for the floor and make it really tiny that it makes a nice details where you have to look at closely to enjoy. The window on the wall brings bright light to the entire room and lit it up beautifully.

Large and Free
This beautiful bathroom is set with beautiful architectural prestige of nice vaulted ceiling. The grey wall and ceiling combines a neutral background to the same neutral white tub and grey hexagonal floor tiles. The floating sink and cabinet puts alight notion.

Bright and Warm Modernity
This beautiful bathroom puts a nice look with bright light from the window and tiny tiles for nice details. The simple modern tub blends very nicely with the wooden cabinet and window right above it.

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