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bathroom, white marble floor, white wall, detailed white backsplash and vanity sink, white striped wall, chandelier Better Homes & Gardens

Bathroom, White Marble Floor And Wall, Blue Glitter Accent, Blue Floating Shelves With White Counter Top, White Sconce, Stones Under The Vanity
Batroom, Cream Marble Floor, Cream Wall Tiles, Textured Wall, Glittery Wall
Bathroom, White Pink Tiny Wall Tiles, White Floating Toilet, Shelving
Bathroom, Cream Floor Tiles, Whtie Floating Toilet, White Round Sink, Grey Tub, Black Indented Shelves, Metallic Tiny Walls
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, Glitter Accent On The Wall, Shower, Bench
Bathroom, Cream Floor, Cream Wall Tiles, White Floating Toilet, Glitter Accent Wall, Shower, Grey Marble Wall
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, Detailed White Backsplash And Vanity Sink, White Striped Wall, Chandelier
Bathroom, Cream Floor Tiles, Cream Tiny Glittery Wall Tiles, Built In Bench, Indented Shelves
Bathroom, Cream Foor, Cream Patterned Wall Details, Glitter Wall Tiles, White Toilet, White Sink, White Round Mirror, Silvery Indented Shelevs
Bathroom, White Patterned Floor Tiles, Blue White Tiny Wall Tiles, White Tub, Mirror

Bathroom has always been interesting. The space and function of this space has brought its own challenges. And if you love beauty and art, you would want to make sure that your bathroom is as appealing as the other rooms in the house. Adding some interesting details in the bathroom would make the room looks amazing and not boring that can be seen in the bathrooms below. Or, if you just want to add something small that invite others to come closer enjoying the details, you will find some of it here too.

Glitter Accent
One of the easiest look when you want to add bling bling look is by adding glitter accent on the wall. It can be done by choosing glittery tiles or paint the area with glittery paint. This bathroom shows a fun but interestingly neutral look that will make your shower time feels more fun.

Pink Shade
If you love to add something small to brings out high leveled details, you will love tiny tiles. Although it has been interesting on its own, combining colors can add a more detailed look.

Blue Shade
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses a combination of tiny wall tiles to create amazing look. Using blue and white ombre on the wall, this one here creates an image of sea wave. And this look is great for beach theme.

Glitter in the Shower
This one here uses glitter accent on the shower area and makes the area looks glimmering beautifully. With water all around the area, it will look even more glimmering. Leaving the surrounding in neutral tone, the glitter accent looks even more pronounced.

Glitter and Lines
The bathroom below shows a pretty looking neutral look with cream on the floor and wall. However, the details are great with textured lines on the wall, still in cream color, and some glittery tiles as accent.

Glimmering Shower
This bathroom looks amazing with glimmering wall tiles on the shower. However, the neutral wall is not without details too. With pretty patterns on the surface, it brings a nice combination to the bathroom.

Metallic Tiles
This bathroom also puts an balanced combination of neutral and glimmering look. While the floor and one side of the wall is in neutral touch, the back of the room looks so strong with metallic tiles that can give back your reflection and the other side is a large metallic wall.

Under the Sea
With blue glitters on the wall, this bathroom looks like it’s under the sea. Pulling out a really beautiful glittery look like this has made the room comes with strong impression. The neutral white marble look balance the look while also puts an elegant background.

Calming Glitter
This cream look in the bathroom puts a calming and subtle rich details. The tiny tiles create a pretty reflection and this tiny tiles covered not only the wall but also the built-in bench.

Luxurious White Details
This bathroom has luxury vibe on it with the detailed textured pattern on the surface of the backsplash as well as vanity. This pattern is clearly seen when the light comes upon them. The neutral background makes this subtle but without making it less beautiful.

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