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White Tub With Blue Mosaic Tiles On The Rim, Black Claw Foot, Blue Floor And Wall, Floating Shelves, White Sink
Black Tub With Black Gold Bubles On Outside Of The Tub With Golden Inside, Black Foot, Black Marble Wall, White Marble Floor
Red Black Tiny Mosaic Tiles On The Tub, White Inside, White Yellow Patterned Wall
White Tub With Black Wrought Iron On The Bottom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Shelves,
Golden Mosaic Tiles, White Claw Feet, Golden Wall With Patterned, Egypt Painting
Silver Gold Mosaic Tiles On Tub With Claw Foot, Golden Mosaic Tiles On The Wall, Dark Purple Floor
Coppery Bathtub With Flowery Ornate Wrought Iron Golden Inside, Golden Faucet
Golden Tub, Golden Shade With Fish Scale Pattern, Marble Floor, Marble Wall, Black Marble Wall With Golden Accents, Golden Chanelier
Black Tub With White Swan On The Body, Wooden Floor, Black Chair, White Wall, Mirror, Clear Glass Pendant, Side Table
Golden Tub With Golden Claw Foot, White Floor With Pattern Lines, Pink Wall Patterned Statement Ceiling, Golden Framed Mirror, Sconces

Details on the bathroom can make a bathroom more interesting. It gives more to look at. It gives us more to peruse and enjoy. If the bathroom is neutral or minimalist, bathtub with details can brighten the room and make it popped up. And if the bathroom is already patterned, bath tub with details will complete the look and make it more interesting.

Red Black Mosaic
Details on the tub can be gained with mosaic. Mosaic is like one of the best things to make details. The tiny tiles are so beautiful when it’s combined together. And this one here can show you even the simplest arrangement can brings out beautiful look.

Silver Tiles
This one is another tub with mosaic tiles. The silver mosaic is combined with golden one that arrange flower pattern on the side of the tub. It matches the golden and dark brown patterns on the wall which are also made from mosaic tiles.

Golden Mosaic Tiles
Golden tub can be really fascinating when it is gained by putting golden mosaic tiles on the tub. The light that is received and cast back to the room is unique and has its own charm. The golden wallpaper with big painting match the tub perfectly.

The Swan
A beautiful picture can be added to the body of a tub to make it more fun. This one here ha a white swan and dragonfly on the body of a dark tub that makes the painting looks even more pronounced.

Blue Mosaic Line
In a white tub, adding a line of accent can make the the tub more interesting. This one here adds a blue line of mosaic tiles on the rim of the tub and it makes the tub more cheerful that contrast the classic claw foot on the bottom. The clash makes it interesting and fresh to look at.

Ornate Iron
Another way to create an interesting space with white tub is choosing a white tub that allows you to have this kind of beautiful patterns of wrought iron. It brings out a pretty quality in the white tub.

Golden Fish Scales
This one here shows its beauty through the golden color on the entire surface and from the frame outside the tub. The frame itself is in irregular arrangement of fish scales that beautifully wrapped the tub.

Black Bubbles
This one here has an interesting combination of gold and black color seen on the bubbles latched on the body. While it is mostly black on the outside, on the inside, the tub gives golden look and make the overall look graceful.

Golden Tub
This one here is for those who love gold and wants to make the bathroom looks absolute luxurious. This tub looks like it has been gilded in gold from the faucet to the claw foot.

Flowery Frame
This beautiful copper bathtub has been pretty only with the copper color. However, it also continues to be more beautiful with the ornate wrought iron frame on the outside with pink flowers and leaves.

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