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nook, patterned floor, yellowish wooden round table, tufted cushion, black pendant Coco Kelly

Nook, Light Blue Wall, Wooden Bench With Rattan Basket, White Round Table, Black White Pillows
Nook, Dark Wooden Floor, White Floating Bench, Yellow Cushion, White Wall, White Bulb Pendant, White Cabinet
Nook, Grey Floor Tiles, White Round Table, White Chairs, Wooden Bench With White Shelves, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Cabinet With Grey Counter Top
Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Off White Corner Sofa, Wooden Chairs, Round Table, White Pendants.
Nook, Patterned Floor, Yellowish Wooden Round Table, Tufted Cushion, Black Pendant
Nook, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Black Bench, Yellow Cushion, Exotic Pendants, White Framed Window
Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Marble Backsplash, White Ovale Table, Wooden Chairs, White Bench, Grey Cushion
Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Pendant, Wooden Chairs, Grey Cushion, Grey Pillows
Nook, Dark Wooden Floor, White Floating Bench, White Wall, Black Round Table, White Round Pendant
Nook, Light Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bench, White Chair, Glass Pendant

For a house with limited space, having some space without any practical hold is kind of unsettling as you can make it more beneficial. And although dining set is not as essential as kitchen (well, you can eat in the living room, if the space is so limited), having a space especially for one function can be nice too, like a dining corner nook. Not to mention the satisfaction of having be able to make all the space useful. If you are thinking of adding dining nook in your kitchen corner, here below can give you great inspirations to start with.

Warm Nook
This small space presents a very warm looking dining nook. If you want something light in the corner, having floating bench like this one here can make the space looks larger. The warm colored cushion and pillows make this corner look fabulous.

Elegant Corner
In this corner of a small elegant kitchen, the corner takes the elegance too with light blue tufted cushion. This light tufted cushion matches the cream marble and cabinet on the kitchen well. And to balance it, black pendant and warm round table and chair completes the setting.

Classic Nook
If you are a fan of elegant and classic look, putting something like corner sofa with leather seat would help you big time. Or, like this one here, you can also put round marble table, beautiful wooden chairs, or classic chandelier.

Dark and Exotic
If you love vibrant color in the exotic look, adding white can make the colors look pronounced. This can also be gained with black. However, with black background, the setting is more interesting.

Modern with Details
This one here puts a minimalist of modern look but with small geometrical details in the pendant. The bright light puts a brighter and lighter light in the small nook. The small black round table looks really small and light.

Simple Nook
This nook looks really simple with white bench with short space. And it may be really simple had it not for the unique white chair on the side.

Natural Nook
Although the light blue wall seems a cold background, the wooden bench and the rattan basket under makes a warm setting overall. The patterns and colors bring interesting notes to this nook.

Minimalist Elegance
This one too also brings minimalist look in this corner but with a hint of elegant on it, continued from the white elegant kitchen on the side of it.

Modern Touches
This small corner here also has an interesting pattern that has made the corner look modern in this monochrome setting with wooden bench on it. The patterns in the pillow surely make the setting more alive.

Minimalist Look
This nook has neutral colors to decorate it. The light grey and brown combination brings an easy and interesting ambiance to the dining corner. This corner look easy and light.

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