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mediterranean dining room with wrought iron chandelier, wooden table set, sand color on ceiling, stone floor, wall, fireplace South coast Architect, Inc.

Traditional Mediterranean Dining Room With Sand Color Stone Floor, Wooden Beams Ceiling, Wooden Table And Chair With Colorful Pillows, White Wall
Mediterranean Dining Room With Wooden Flooring, Stones Ceiling, White Walls, Wooden Table Set, Crosses On The Wall
Mediterranean Dining Room With White Walls, One Side Of Turquoise Wall, Wooden Table, Red And White Wooden Chair, Wooden Flooring, Wooden Ceiling, Bright Blue Chandelier
Warm Mediterranean Dining Room With White Ceiling With Woode Beams, Wooden Flooring, Red Wall Lamp, Red Curtain, Iron Chendelier
Mediterranean Dining Room With Wooden Flooring, Earthy Color Wall And Ceiling, Stones Arch Wall, Marble Top Table In Brown And Wooden Chair In Beige
Traditional Mediterranean Dining Room With Lots Of Wood Beam Ont He Ceiling, Wooden Flooring, Wooden Table Set, White Wall
Mediterranean Dining Space With Sand Color Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Wrought Iron Chendelier,
Mediterranean Dining Room With Wrought Iron Chandelier, Wooden Table Set, Sand Color On Ceiling, Stone Floor, Wall, Fireplace
Colonial Mediterranean Dining Room With Wooden Tabe Set, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Red Curtain, Wrought Iron Chandelier
Mediterranean Dining Room With Wooden Floor, White Ceiling With Wooden Beam, Wooden Table Set, White Cupboard

Having a great dining room can raise your appetite. When you need to eat, you can see your dining room and feel excited to eat there with your family and friends. That is why you should think about getting the best furniture for your dining room. If you are looking something grandeur or sexy, you can try having Spanish dining room. You can have it elegant or simple.

 Elegant Spanish Dining Room

One of the things that enunciate Spanish style is the color of terracotta in their homes. It is about warm natural color that welcomes you to their room. The next is the use of natural material like stones that is used in the partition in the room and also white or cream wall that gives you cool feeling.

Crosses and Stones Ceiling

This picture uses the familiar terracotta stones for ceiling and flooring that emphasize on its Spanish style. The use of so many crosses in the wall also gives you the idea of Spanish movies. The table set itself is made from wood; the natural bearing Spanish style likes to add.

Outdoor Dining Room

The virtue of Spanish decor is to have it natural, warm, and sometimes vibrant color. However, in this picture, the owner explains the Spanish style on its nature touch. On the brown sand color and on how it is opened to a really beautiful view.

Warm Dining Room

In this picture, you can see how the color is really pretty and warm. It enunciates the natural color of brown and beige but with pink and beige pillows on the chair, the dining set looks bright yet still warm. The stone flooring and the wooden ceiling is great traits in Spanish style.

Gold Ornate on White Cupboard

Besides the stones flooring and wooden table set, the one that steals focus on this picture is the white cupboard with gold ornate. It is so beautiful it looks like wrought gold in the cupboard.

Simple Spanish Colonial Dining Room

In this picture, the simplicity is strong where the tables and red stripped chair is used as the dining set. The room is in white, just like Spanish buildings and the iron chandelier gives great touch of Colonial times.

Colonial mediterranean dining room with wooden tabe set, white wall, wooden floor, red curtain, wrought iron chandelier

Brenda Olde

Earthy Windy Dining Room

The touch of natural is really pronounced in this picture. The ceiling is in earthy brown stones and the flooring is in grey stones. The wall and the fireplace are also in earthy color. The dining table is made from wood and the chair is simple. One touch of Spanish style remark is the wrought iron chandelier.

Warm Dining Room

This dining room has Spanish style all over the corner. It’s all wood on the floor and the ceiling is wooden beams looking at you. The wall is in earthy shade and the room glows warm. The table and chairs are made of wood.

Warm Long Dining Room

This one also shows you the warm shines from the room. The wooden beams in the ceiling, the wooden floor, and the earthy shade of wall pronounce all warm and calming effect. The red terracotta color of wall lamps matched with the curtain makes it a good touch on Spanish style.

Room with Blue Chandelier

As earth color is part of Spanish style, the vibrant color is too. And in this picture, although the ceiling and flooring is wooden, and the wall is in white color, one side of the wall is in calming turquoise. And the chandelier is in quite vibrant blue. With all so earthy colored, the blue chandelier looks stand out.

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