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Gather Around with Your Friends and Family around Dining Table

You will have to make sure that you have all the space in your dining table when you have large number of family members and friends that you like to invite to dinner. Now, if you think you want to invite your family and friends over, maybe for Christmas or Thanksgiving, you might like to have dining table for 10. Here are some ideas of dining table you might like.

Ellipse Dining Table

This ellipse brown teak wooden table is really pretty you can put it in your dining room or for your patio furniture. You can even put umbrellas on the umbrella holes. The chair is in the same theme with white cushion

brown round teak dining table and chairs for 10

Round Chinese Table

This one is really pretty with its Chinese key and symbols carved on the table. There is Lazy Susan in this table that is removable, according to your preference. The is a match for its color and its model.

asian brown polished rosewood round dining table with 10 chairs

White Marble Top Table

This one is for you who love to have monochrome or neutral style in your dining room. The top is in white but the legs are in black.

long square white marble top dining table X stainless steel legs with 10 chairs
Alex Maguire Photography

Polished Black Parsons Table

This one is for you who love simplicity to the very last drop. Its black color and strong legs makes it look sturdier.

dark brown wooden dining table with 10 chairs

Antique Long Brown Table

This one is perfect for you who like to put all antique furniture around your home. You can father various antique chairs around it and it will still look good.

antique long short brown dining table with couches, sofa, and chippendale chairs
Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Long Curved Polished Table

This table will give you luxury and glamour besides allowing your friends and family to eat together.

long curved dark brown wooden dining table for 10
Fratantoni Luxury Estates

Rustic Brown Wooden Table

If you want to create light airs around your home, you might like this one. It is not so intimidating as a grand dining table but it still has the old familiar nuance come from it, like a table in your grandma’s house.

rustic brown wooden dining table for large partis with rustic chairs

Neutral Looking Dining Table

This is another neutral looking dining table for large group. The color is simple, white legs and brown wooden top.

shabby chic long dining room with brown top and white legs

Long industrial Table

This one looks really pretty that if you put it around the chairs, it will look good anyway.

long industrial theme dining table with salvaged wood
Randell Design Group

Industrial Dining Table

The best thing about industrial theme is that it looks old and familiarly artsy. But it is simple at the same time.

industrial theme dining table with brown wood top and white wood top
Juan Felipe Goldstein Design Co.