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Indian dining room sets of wooden chairs and wooden table in blue yellow paint Tara

Rustic Dining Sets With Wooden Table, Wooden Bench, Two Wooden Chairs With Black Leathered Cushioin
Dining Room Sets With Light Wooden Table With U Legs, A Bench With U Legs, Four Wooden Chairs
Dining Room Sets With Four White Chairs, A Dark Wood Bench With White Cushion, Dark Wood Parsons Table
Dining Room Sets With White Leathered Chairs, White Leathered Bench, White Tainted Wooden Table
Farmhouse Dining Room Set With Two Rattan Couch, Two Wooden Chair, A Bench With Tufted Cushion
Chic Dining Set With White Metal Parsons Table With Wooden Top, Wooden Bench, White Steel Chairs
Indian Dining Room Sets Of Wooden Chairs And Wooden Table In Blue Yellow Paint
Dining Room Sets With Purple And Grey Chairs, A Bench With Colorful Thin Cushion, Table With X Legs
Dining Set With White Leathered Chairs, Light Wooden Bench, Light Wooden Table
Dining Set With Dark Wood Table, Dark Wood Bench, White Leathered Chairs

Having dining sets is a thrill one can do for the dining room. It is where everybody gathers to eat in their own chairs and share their stories in the morning and in the afternoon. For something that needs comfort, it might be better to create a comfortable ambiance in your dining room by having something that is less formal.  One of simple things you can do is by having a nice bench. While chair can only support one person in comfort, a bench, in the other hand, can support more people sometimes. You can see what a change a living room can have with a bench in it from the pictures below.

For Less Formal Change

In this picture, you can see that a bench is a part of the set instead of another white chair. With these white rigid back chairs, the dining set will be more formal without a bench.

dining set with dark wood table, dark wood bench, white leathered chairs

Boutique La Boheme

In White Nude Set

The chairs are in tight seat and back in white leather upholster. The bench is in matching white color. In this white set, even white wooden legs the table is tainted in white-y finished.

Light and Dark

In this sophisticated dining room, the color is white with dark wood chair and table. It makes the look in the dining room more formal, even the bench alone look formal. So this is perfect for you who love to have bench yet still want to maintain the formal look.

French Farmhouse Dining Set

If you like to mix several styles together, you can get something more like this. You can play with wicker chairs, tufted bench, and wooden chairs and create a beautiful look like this one. The key is being fearless.

Chic Dining Sets

Here you will see simple yet chic dining sets of Parsons table with wooden counter top, white chairs, and long wooden bench that allows everyone to eat together.

chic dining set with white metal parsons table with wooden top, wooden bench, white steel chairs

KitchenLab Design

Traditional Dining Sets

You can also go traditional with your bench in the living room. In this picture, the owner has the dining set from wood work and brings the traditional feeling in the wood work.

Industrial Wooden Dining Set

For you who love shabby yet chic look, you might like this industrial wooden dining set. The chair is simple with weathered look thin metal supporting. And the table uses wood for the counter top and the same weathered metal for the U legs. The same is for the bench.

Eclectic Dining Set

This dining set feels much more modern compare to the previous one. The table, chairs, and bench are simply from wood but they are all covered with colorful velvet cover and thin cushions so that the look can be cheerful.

dining room sets with purple and grey chairs, a bench with colorful thin cushion, table with x legs


Indian Dining Sets

This one is really beautiful with its weathered look. The table is simple and covered with wear-off paint of yellow and blue. And the chairs and bench are also the same. With its soft color, the dining set looks really comfortable.

Stone Wash Finish

This dining set is one beautiful set with its stone wash finish. With its rectangular wooden table and bench, it has major rustic feeling that will be perfect for anyone who likes neutral color.

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