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wooden dining table for 12 with stainlesssteel finish in bottom edge of the legs Nash Baker Architect

Dark Brown Wooden Dining Table For 16
Traditional Oil Finish Wooden Table For 12 With Wooden Cairs
Brown Dining Table For 12 With Tall Back Chair
Glass Top Dining Table For 12
Polished Zebra Wood Top Table For 12 With Aluminium Legs
Wooden Dining Table For 12 With Leather Chairs
Wooden Dining Table For 12 With Stainlesssteel Finish In Bottom Edge Of The Legs
Dark Chesnut Dining Table Set For 14
Wooden Dining Table For 12 With Stainless Steel Legs
Dark Chesnut Wooden Dining Table For 14 With 8 Satin Chairs And 2 Velvet Chairs For Two People

When you have a big family, you will probably want your family to eat together at least once a week. Well, you know you need big long table so that you will be able to serve your family. Here are some of the ideas you can get.

Grandeur Table

This one is in dark chestnut brown color with polished finish. The long size of the table will accommodate so many people sit around it. In this picture, it can even let 14 chairs to be placed around it.

Compact Table

If you think you only have not too large areas for your table, you will love this one. It has square shaped and people can sit closer. Thus the conversation will be more alive.

Parsons Table

This Parsons style table will allow you to have quote small table for 12. The polished zebra wooden top put some style on it you wouldn’t want to miss.

Glass Top Table

With glass top, you will make the area a bit roomier. And as you can see from the picture, gather white chairs around it do make it brighter and elegant.

Wooden Styled Table

This one will look good on your natural theme room. With wooden top table and neutral color chairs around it, you will so have it. And the table leg is on the center that gives it grace.

Dark Brown Table

This long table will add values to your room. Though it is really simple, it balances the grandeur the room already has.

Dark Polished Table

This one is also for you who like to have smaller table that can put people closer. It is also simply elegant with its dark brown color. It allows any kind of chairs to match its simplicity.

Thin Wooden Table

This is another simple design table that emphasizes on how thin but sturdy it can be. This will not look “heavy” on the eye. It is perfect for you who love airy theme room.

Two to One

This wooden table designed as thought there are two tables that are joined to be one. The accent gives the simple table not to be as simple.

Dark Long Table

It seems as though designers have competition on designing the simplest yet prettiest table for large number of people. Of course, with their simplicity, it makes them easy to put around any dining room.

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