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Diy Headboard Wooden Beach Headboard Blue Bedding Blue Pillows Wall Sconces Windows Shutters Hooks Rattan Side Table Indoor Plants
Diy Headboard Wall Decor Wooden Palete Headboard Blue Bedding Pillows Cream Bean Bags Yellow Chair Black Desk Chrome Table Lamp Black Wall Sconce
Diy Headboard White Light Fixture Gray Walls White Framed Standing Mirror Patterned Bedding Pillows Wooden Nightstand Table Lamp
Diy Headboard Hexagonal Wall Tile Rose Gold Industrial Table Lamp Wooden Bedside Table White Bedding White Pillows Gray Wall Window
Diy Headboard Frame Colorful And Patterned Headboard Bedding Pillows Rustic Table Lamp Wooden Side Tablw Wallpaper Indoor Plant
Diy Headboard Floral Pattern White Glass Table Lamps Mirrored Nightstands White Bedding Red Bench Red Pillows Window White Curtain
Diy Headboard Crystal Chandelier Wooden Headboard White Bedding Pillows White Stools Window White Curtains Vintage Green Cabinet Chairs
Diy Headboard Black And White Striped Headboard White Table Lamp Wooden Bedside Table White Pillows White Bedding Red Throw Pillows Gray Wall
Diy Headboard Blackboard Headboard Black Mounted Shlef White Table Lamps Dark Brown Nightstands Bookcase Windows White Curtains Gray Pillows
Diy Headboard Black Walls Windows White Curtains Gold Floor Lamp Rustic Wooden Bedside Tables Wooden Bench Black Bedding Pillows

Spending time to create some DIY items to fill your home will be so much fun. The custom made item can be a unique thing which is different from the usual items at the store. One of the nice thoughts is making a DIY headboard for your bed. It will be a good style statement which also decorates the bedroom. There are many materials you can get to make a DIY headboard. You can find the unused flat old furniture pieces, fabric, and the wooden shipping palette. The following are some eco-friendly DIY headboard ideas you can try to create a creative headboard for your bed.

Fun Salvaged Finds

You can use fun salvaged items such as old doors, shipping pallets, and wood planks to customized your headboard. It will be more stand out if the wall is painted in white and your bed has white bedding on it.

Driftwood DIY Headboard

You can create a cool coastal-style driftwood headboard for a cozy beach style bedroom. Since the headboard has rusty feeling and calm tone, you can combine it with a nice pop color bedding.

A Chalkboard Headboard

A chalkboard headboard makes a handy place to jot down your dreams. It is an easy DIY headboard that will be suitable for a student bedroom which can decorate the room well without having too many decorative properties in a room.

A Fashionable DIY Headboard

One way to fashion a headboard out of fabric involves some smaller or coordinating fabric with different patterns. The patterns on the frame, headboard, bedding, and pillows create beautiful room decorations.

Summer Style Headboard

For your summer style, you should swipe your old headboard with a headboard full of the beautiful floral painting. The vibrant floral pattern offers a dramatic and romantic vibe in a simple white bedroom.

A Shipping Pallet Headboard

Here is a simple sipping pallet which was repurposed into a DIY headboard. It is easy and simple DIY that a young owner room can do it. Place it vertically against the wall and mount a small black wall sconce which can be a reading lamp.

Black and White Stripes

The dramatic contrast of a striped black and white fabric is laid on the double white headboard give a nice statement of the headboard. You are absolutely able to change the fabric into the different colored fabric as you desire.

A Contemporary Bedroom

If you want to create a DIY headboard in the simplest way and material, it will be one of the examples. This modern bedroom features a wooden headboard, a bed,  a simple wooden bench, black blanket, pillows, black walls, windows, and white curtains.

Style with Tile

A headboard does not have to be in traditional style. This stylish arrangement of octagonal tiles with brown and black patterns is nicely fixed on the gray wall.

Extend The Headboard

In this small bedroom, the white headboard’s embossed pattern adds texture and subtle contrast to the light gray wall. Since it has filled the wall and had a beautiful pattern, you don’t need to hang some paintings above the bed.

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