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A pendant light is a cozy light fixture that you can get for your room. It is usually installed in the kitchen and dining room. A double pendant light can lighten up a room better than other light fixture. Of course, we can find many designs and styles out there in the market that will promise you to have your desire lighting fixture. It may also be cheaper than other lighting fixture, but the double pendant light creates a stylish and functional feature in a room. The following are some elegant double pendant light ideas that will inspire you to have a nice lighting in the kitchen and dining room.

A Pendant Lamp for A Dining Room

This farmhouse style dining room features a double pendant light, a white dining table, three chairs, and a comfy grey bench. The pendant has a black iron handle that creates a classic look in this dining room.

The Beauty of Wood

If you have a Japanese style dining room that consists of a wooden dining table and chairs, you can get a lighting fixture with a minimalist design. The wood on the ceiling can hide the pendant light installment.

An Industrial Double Pendant Light

Show industrial vibe in a trendy dining room with traditional wooden features and industrial light fixture. This dining space looks really comfortable with the industrial style furniture pieces.

A Shinee Dining Room

With all the light pouring in through the glass windows and white pendant light, not much is needed to make this dining room shine. The colorful chairs around a minimalist kiddle table next to the adult table have a unique style for children.

An Inviting Space

This dining room is created as an inviting space by having a combination of interesting fixtures and unique pieces. The industrial double pendant light really completes the old world look in this space.

Clemson Double Pendant

Above the mounted island, hanging a Clemson double pendant that brightens the wooden top. With this small size, this pendant is a great lighting for the center of this kitchen.

A Double Light Above the Island

A Double Sloane street shop light with metal shades is installed nicely in the center of the kitchen. This pendant has an antique handle and silver lamps.

A Glamorous Pendant Light

Look how glamorous this double pendant light is. The gold pendant can be a glamorous feature in this white farmhouse kitchen, this light enhances the gorgeous style that has been offered by this kitchen.

Lyre Double Pendant

There will always be a great feeling in having a classic kitchen with neutral colored features. This light fixture and cabinets add Parisian detail to this classic kitchen. The light has a softer light which is really suitable for the calm room.

Rustic Light Fixture for Classic Kitchen

This kitchen features dark brown wooden cabinets, two brown wooden islands, light brown granite countertops, built-in kitchen appliances, classic backsplash tile, and classic pendant lights. There are two light pendants this kitchen have. It comes with a black handle that looks rustic.

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