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floating colorful marble vanity, indented sinks, tall mirror with wooden frame SJB

Floating Vanity, White Marble Table, Black Sheles, Marble Wall, Black Framed Mirror, White Marble Floor
Orange Vanity Table, Indented Sink, White Patterned Wall, Blue Yellow Wall, Round Mirrors
White Floating Vanity, Grey Floor Tiles, White Marble Wall, Pink Accent Vertical Lines On The Wall, White Sinks, Round Mirrors
Pink Vanity, White Round Sinks, Tall Mirror, White Tiny Square Wall Tiles, White Pendants
Grey Floating Vanity, Black Marble Sink, Grey Wall, Tall Mirror, Patterned Floor Tiles, Wooden Side Table
Wooden Vanity In Natural Brown And White, Pink Round Sink, Green Round Sink, Marble Wall, White Pendants, Tall Mirror
Floating White Sinks, Round Mirror, Pink Tiny Square Accent Tiles, Clear Ball Pendants
Grey Vertical Marble Vanity With Indented Sink, Grey Wall, Rectangular Mirrors With Golden Frame, Marble Floor
Floating Colorful Marble Vanity, Indented Sinks, Tall Mirror With Wooden Frame
White Vertical Marble Vanity, White Marble Wall, White Marble Tub, Tall Mirror With Circular Top, White Bowl Sink, Golden Sconces

If you want to create a brilliantly stunning vanity, you can try to get not one but two sink vanity. This way, the beauty is doubled and the vanity can be used for two people at the same time too. These below are brilliant double sink vanity that will give your incredible inspirations for the setting and what to choose on the vanity.

Blushed Vanity
If you are trying to make a blushed vanity with white based color, this one here would be the perfect example to see. The pink marble floating vanity looks so pretty and perfect combined with white tiny square tiles, white pendants, and white round sinks. The tall mirrors that complete the set makes it look even grander.

Elegant White
If you love making things elegant, marble is one of the ways to do it. This bathroom below puts white marble all over the surface and creates a strong and stunning look. The sinks are vertically marble table with white bowl sink which are accompanied by tall mirror. The set is gorgeous.

Luxurious Vanity
Similar to the previous two, this one also brings out luxurious look, especially from the use of marble on the wall. The setting looks modern with white floating vanity with white round sinks. The pink vertical accents on the wall look fun and sweet at the same time.

Elegantly Modern
Although this one looks stunning with its marble complexion, it looks gorgeously modern with its geometrical lines on the vertical vanity and the golden frame on the mirrors. This symmetrical sinks looks amazing.

Double Small
If you think creating double sink vanity needs a large space, you would be surprised to see this pretty double sink vanity. Placed in a limited space, this one here successfully shows how simplicity with little details can bring strong impression.

Dark yet Vibrant
For those who love going strong with contrast, a dark and vibrant combination can look so stunning. This one here combines black marble sink on the dark looking vanity with vibrant patterned floor that makes each other look pronounced.

Two Tone
While the previous vanities look symmetrical from the setting to the color, this one here puts a little fun with the color. Using different color on the sink, the vanity looks interesting even more.

Vibrant Setting
This one here is also making a nice double sink setting in a limited space. However, the most interesting thing is not the space, it is the vibrant color and the rich of textures that apparently decorate the space perfectly well.

Colorful Marble
This one here puts a really stunning look especially from the gorgeous marble itself. The floating marble vanity brings out a strong impression so beautifully it makes a strong center. The wooden framed mirrors make a great balance to it.

Fresh and Modern
If you love a fresh and simple look, this one would be a great inspiration. The simple sinks are cute and enough against the pink accent tiles. This is supported by clear ball chandelier on the ceiling.

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