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long black floating toilet, matchign sink, golden faucet zzzzllee

White Floating Toilet, White Floating Sink, Wooden Line Accent Wall And Floor
Round Dark Grey Toilet, Dark Grey Sink With Black Faucet, Blue Pink Brown Wall
White Floating Sink, White Floating Toilet, Pink Shade Glass
White Floating Toilet, White Floating Sink, Grey Cabinets Behind
White Roun Toilet With Grey Cabinet, White Floating Sink With Grey Cabinet
White Toilet, White Low Sink With The Same Shape, Blue White Wall, Round Mirror
Light Green Toilet, Dark Green Round Sink, Silver Faucet
White Grey Floating Toilet, Matching Sink, Black Accent Wall, Black Accent Shelves
Square Floating Toilet With Matching Sink, Grey Wall
Long Black Floating Toilet, Matchign Sink, Golden Faucet

Decorating a bathroom can be fun and tricky. There are many things you can do to make your bathroom unique. One of it is by holding similar items to appear like there are double items, like with toilet. Nobody would really put double toilet in one bathroom. But putting a different kind of toilet or sink, that would be more understandable. Below are some inspirations you can work on.

Inside the Pink Glass
This bathroom looks so special with the pink glass wall. But, it looks even more special with its white floating toilet and sink that looks exactly like a toilet on the side. This similar shape makes a funny and simple setting in the bathroom.

Elegant Black
If you love strong and elegant twin, you would love this one here. The long black floating toilet looks unique and has a bold impression in this space, along with its pair, the long and black floating sink with golden faucet.

Not Similar Pair
While the previous ones put similar pair in the bathroom, this one here gives a little twist with different shade used in the toilet (light) and the sink (dark). Although, the shape and the floating installment are still similar.

Two Colors
Similar to the previous one, this one also has two colors on the setting. However, it is on both the toilet and the sink. The darker bottom part gives dark shade while the top part has contrast white to make things interesting.

Contrast White
A strong impression does not always need a strong color. This one here combines the neutral black and white and create a strong impression using the bold contrast both create. The black background has supported by the black wooden wall on the back as well.

On the Wooden Line
With basic twin look of white toilet and sink, this bathroom makes an interesting show with wooden line on the bathroom. And not only a simple wooden line but a line with nook to put shampoo and soap.

Grey Twin
This one here is a perfect pair for you who love to have modern look in the bathroom. The muted grey color is perfect. It gives a smooth and neutral finish to the modern and minimalist bathroom, should you prefer it that way.

White on Grey
This is another minimalist setting that can look so good. The grey seamless wall and floor looks muted and the white twin looks comfortable in the neutral grey background.

Square White
If you love to create a little bit accent in this pair, you might want to play with the shape. While many can work with round shape, this one here puts the square shape and make it a nice accent.

Softer and Smoother
This is another floating pair that looks soft and smooth with its corner-less design. The oval shaped toilet and sink match each other in an easy sight while the blue white wall makes it all even softer.

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