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We know many kinds of window treatment such as blinds, shades, curtains, valances, and drapes. Choose the one that suits the windows size and the interior style. You can also combine a blind with drapes or add valances to the drapes. A window treatment for a large window can be done by installing a curtain rod or drapery pole to support the drapes. The drapes rings can connect the drapes to the pole which make it easily open and closed. The following are some brilliant drapery pole ideas with high-quality design and materials you can install for your drapes or curtains in your home.

The Modern Metal Drapery Pole

These modern metal poles have larger than 1-inch diameter that will be strong for the floral drapes. The bold drapery adds just the right amount of the decorative features in this tan home office.

A Longer Drapery Pole

The pure and clean color of the bedroom features is decorated by the industrial metal bed and the vintage dresser. The drapery pole in this bedroom is longer than the sliding glass door that can show all its frames.

Pole Mounted Swag

The asymmetrical drapery panels feature the beautiful floral patterned drapes. It is a one-piece of fabric which is hung on the pole without curtain rings. This window treatment creates a cozy and casual look for a dining room.

Be Clever with Drapes

Before hanging the drapes, you can make sure that the drape pole is installed through the windows or doors design. Find the bending rod to fill this bay glass doors or you can custom made as you can see from the shape.

A Beige and White Bedroom

The drapery poles are great for a close to ceiling installation. This bedroom features black return rods and silk beige drapes which look so beautiful and do its job well.

A Cozy Space

The stainless steel drapery rod goes well with the dark drapes. This window treatment follows the dark color scheme in this family room. This room is not too dark since it has got red as an accent color.

The Glam Gold Drapery Pole

The glamorous vibe is added in this small dining room. The furniture pieces and the decorations are chosen to create a glamorous dining room. The white drapes on the gold poles can blend with the white wall which can show off the room features.

The Window Treatment Combination

The drapery pole is gold which is a good contrast to the black walls and beige drapes. The drapes which have neutral color can be accented with beautiful patterned shades.

A Minimalist Living Space

Choose the same color tone for the curtains and the poles for a minimalist home. It doesn’t have many patterns and colors which can break the style.

Wooden Poles

This is an informal family room. The slipcovers and the drapes are bought in a good material which keeps them washable and easy to maintain. The dramatic window and doors treatments are hung on the oversized black wood poles.

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