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spike light for decorating gate and drivingway Kurt Krueger Architect

Wall Lanterns At Garage Door For Driveway Lighting In A House With Mediterranean Landscape
Trees Uplighter For Long Driveway In Traditional Landscape Style
Simple Modern LED Driveway Inground Lights For House Sophistication
Spike Light For Decorating Gate And Drivingway
Contemporary Bollard For Driveway Lighting
Pedestal Lamp For Lake House Style
Wall Lantern At The Gate For Landscape Driveway Lighting
Downlighter Driveway In Rustic House
Strip Led Light For Simple But Modern Driveway Lighting
Wayne Tyler Bollard Light For Driveway Lighting

Adequate lighting is vital to help drivers clearly notice the obstacles like walls, boulders, trees, or fences along the driveway to your car park. They need it to see the route clearly at night, especially when you have curving and long driveway. You should think of placing driveway lighting for the safety and warm welcome before your family or guests enter your house. Here are 10 divine ideas of driveway lighting you can consider.

Trees Uplighters

Uplighters is the best choice is you have trees or garden plants along the driveway. It effectively prevents drivers mistakenly hit the trees in the dark as well as beautifies your garden. Also, it symbolize your warm welcome from the owner of the house.

Downlighters for Mid-Century Style

Downlighter fits well the driveway of a house in mid-century style. For visitors of your house, those lights which dominantly colours brown or yellow can make them feel the warmth of the family in the house.

Sophisticated LED In-Ground Lights

These simple LED in-ground lights will put the sense of sophistication in your house. The simplicity reflects your good and modern taste of home-designing.

Wall Lanterns at the Gate

Installing two wall lanterns at the gate will be very useful to guide to the driveway entrance as well as to find your house easily because they also make your address more readable with enough lighting.

Lake House Style with Pedestal Lights for Driveway Lighting

Pedestal lights are nice choice for people who love classic style. It is one of timeless designs for your lake house. Place the pedestal lights in the border of garden so that drivers notice the right path for parking car.

Garage Door Lanterns

If you have straight and short driveway and house in Mediterranean style, you don’t need ground lights along the driveway. Install wall lanterns for the lighting in the both sides of your garage door instead.

Bollard for Contemporary Driveway Lighting

Place the bollards in every 1-2 meters so that they create path to the garage. This installation is not only useful but also artistic that you can build a nuance of contemporary theme. Moreover when you have arranged fabulous garden with alongside the driveway.

Strip Wall Lights for the Best Guide

If you have driveway bordered by short wall, do install this strip LED wall lights. The light is creating lines so that the path is always clear to anyone. This simplicity strengthens the nuance of your modern-styled house.

Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Lights

Be aware of recent issues of saving energy nowadays. Installing solar-powered lights for your driveway can be a wise decision to practice the eco-friendly attitude.

On-Ground Spike Lights for Classy Look

Install on-ground lights in to guide the way to garage in classy style. The spike lighting helps you illuminating the decorating plants. That’s why this kind of light is recommended not only for utility driveway lighting but also for perfect decoration.

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