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dula function bed sofa for contemporary living room with TV and fireplace MatPel Builders

Dual Purpose Barn Doors For Concealing Tv In Living Room For Reducing Glare
Counter Top Under Window For Ironing Table And Bookshelf
Tv Table Cabinets And Electrical Fireplace For Traditional Living Room
Shabby Chic Style Living Room With Dual Purpose Vintage Side Table And Drawers
Fold Up Wall Bed And Cabinets For Dual Purpose Transitional Room As Office And Bedroom
Coffee Table Over Pouffe Or Ottoman In Family Room With Beige Sofa Or Couch
Bed With Bookshelf Against And Toyshelf Under In Gender Neutral Nursery
Dula Function Bed Sofa For Contemporary Living Room With TV And Fireplace
Bookcase As Headboard And Bed Side Table For Compact Bedroom Concept
Dual Purpose Furniture Storage Shelf And Room Divider

People today love smart innovation. It also works in home designing. Dual purpose furniture become preferable for everybody. Purchasing dual purpose furniture can save more money as well as simplify the usage of the things and the need of space for them. The following are some furniture you should have in your house.

Coffee Table over Ottoman for Family Room

Maximize the utility of your living room by placing a coffee table combined with ottoman for comforting your tired feet. It will be the best spot in the house for relaxing with family.

Fold Up Wall-Bed and Cupboard for Dual Purpose Transitional Room

Your working space can be a transitional room for your guest by having a fold-up bed and utility cupboard. In a usual days you can fold the bed up, but if you have any guests sleepover for a night, you can easily pull it down to serve comfortable bed for them.

Dual Purpose Barn Doors for Reducing TV Glare

This is a smart dual purpose furniture you will love. The barn door can reduce the glare of your TV screen and give the sense of spacious room when it is closed. Just open the barn door if you need to watch the TV.

Bed and Sofa for Contemporary Livingroom

What a brilliant idea to combine the sofa and bed. If you fold up it becomes sofa where you can relax watching entertainment on TV. But when get sleepy, you can just open up the fold.

 Room Divider and Storage Shelf

The trick to make your room look spacious is using divider instead of built-in wall. You can use dual purpose shelf as the room divider as well as storage to put decoration or favorite books.

Counter Top Under Window for Ironing Table and Bookshelf

You can perfectly utilize this counter top under the window for the bookshelf, decoration table, and also ironing pad. What a multi function furniture you might adore!

Vintage Style Drawers and Side Table

Add some vintage detail in your house to create a shabby chic style. It can be a side table where you can place decoration on. Instead of using the usual side table, choose a side table which can function as drawers too.

Electric Fireplace and TV Table

You can achieve a perfect compound of the source of heat in winter and entertainment center by placing this furniture. This furniture is electric fireplace which also functions as TV table and cabinets where you can place DVD players and your DVD collections.

Bookcase as Headboard and Bedside Table for Compact Bedroom

If you have small bedroom, make it compact this dual purpose bookcase. Beside you can place your favorite books you read before sleeping, utilize it as side-bed table where you place table lamp as well as headboard you can lean on.

Bookshelf Against Bed and Toy Shelf Under Bed in Nursery

Maximize your nursery by placing a baby-bed with bookcase against it so you can easily reach the book you want to read him/her. You can also place some dolls and toys in the shelf under.

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