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Grey Wall, Grey Concrete Wall, Wooden Bench With Pillow, Pots On The Metal Shelves
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, Shelves Partitiong With White Drawers
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bench With White Cushion, White Shelves On The Wall For Plants,
Balcony, River Stones, Plants On Stone Square Pots
Wooden With Plants On Top, Beige Wall, Sofa, Black Side Table, Lamp
Dining Room, White Floor Tiles, Large Windows Shaded Curtain, Black Pendant, Plants Vertically On The Wall, Wooden Shelves, White Wall
Balcony, Dining Area, White Floor, White Wall, Plants On The Wall, Wooden Bench With Grey Cushions, Built In Pot
Blue Bedroom, Wood Herringbone Floor, Blue Walls, Blue Bedding, Blue Chair, Room Divider
Balcony White Floor, Glass Windows, Red Shade, Floating Shelves, Plants On The Wall, Acrylic Table And Chair
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Leaves Pattern Chairs, Room Divider With Shelves, Wire, Table, Blue Wall

These days, every where people tries to raise the awareness of environment problems. And with that, in interior design, people try to make the house to feel more earth friendly, by having larger windows to save the energy on lighting and to have better air circulation thus saving energy on air conditioner. And not only that, to create more natural space, plants are added to the rooms too. Let’s see how amazing the rooms are.


Study Room

Having a study room near the windows can be really refreshing, especially when work and study have been overwhelmed. It can be a great place to work. Another thing that works the best in balcony is plants. Growing plants near the window helps the plant to get all the sunshine possible. Beautifully planted vertically, this one here looks so stunning with its flowers that match the ambiance.



Plants on Top

Having plants in the room does not always mean pots are needed to be on the floor. Putting pots on the wall will create an interesting look.


Pot on the Shelves

Another thing that can be done in arranging plants in the room is by having metal shelves that will be able to keep the pots safely. With shelves like this, plants can be in any room as long as its needs are fulfilled well, like sun light. However, with indoor plants that do not need much light, it will be so much easier.


On the Open Room

While and open room can be really airy, sometimes partition is needed to give transition. To make it still airy, shelves has been a popular option for partition. And with earth friendly concerns, it is so easy to put plants on the partition, especially when the partition is in the form of shelves.


Plants Shelves 

While putting plants on the shelves has been a refreshing idea, making a stronger statement on plants area in the living room can be achieved by having shelves especially for plants. It might give the room even fresher ambiance.


Room Divider

Almost similar to the room partition, this one here also a great place to put your pot. In this room divider from Ikea, the small area gives you a small table to place your pot while the wire, besides giving a place to put pictures and notes, can give you a place to let the vines grow.


To the Bedroom

A bedroom with windows is a great thing. You can put the plants near the window. Or, if you have amazing room divider from Ikea here, you will be able to put your vines and make some shades of privacy.


Shades on Balcony

The best thing about having a balcony is that you will get maximum level of light. While it can be the best thing, it can also be something that needs to be reduced sometimes, especially when the light is blaring. For that, plants can be a natural answer for that. With tall plants on the balcony, you will be able to create some shades to your room.


Dining with the Plants

As outdoor plants are the best near the sun light, plants are the best to be planted in the balcony. And having some activities near the plants in the balcony can be relaxing and calming. To get the relaxing feeling while eating, this one here puts a simple dining set to the balcony.


Natural Dining Area

This one here too adds plants in their menu. With large windows in the dining area, the plants can grow perfectly well vertically on the wall in this room. With wooden furniture among white background, this room looks so neutral and has a strong natural ambiance.



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