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tall rattan cupboard with curvy top, drawers below Pencil Shavings Studio

Dark Wooden Cupboard With Rattan On The Door, Legs, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Chair
Wooden Cupboard With Rattan Sliding Door, Grey Floor, White Wall
Built In Cupboard With Wooden And Rattan Doors
Low Cupboard With Wooden Rattan Boxes Supported In U Wooden Legs
Tall Rattan Cupboard With Curvy Top, Drawers Below
Wooden Rattan Cupboard With Drawer And Tall Legs, Wooden Floor, Rug, Rattan Bed With White Bed, Pillow
Tall Built In Wooden Rattan Cupboard, Wooden Window Nook, Wooden Shelves, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table And Chair
Tall Rattan Cupboard With White Lines, Wooden Floor, Mirror, Stool
Wooden Cupboard With Natural Body
Rattan Cupboard With Dark Woden Framed, Tall Legs

While it’s still fresh talking about eco-friendly furniture, it is the right time to show some stunning cupboard built from natural material like wood, rattan, bamboo, etc. And if you care about the nature to the level of thinking about the residue you have, you will love to have your furniture in nature inspired style. And these cupboards will help you to gain that.

Tall Legged
A simple cupboard with small storage is perfect for you who also change your life habit into minimalism. With smaller cupboard, it actually can help you stay in your not-buying-things habit. If you find a pretty one like this with rattan on the door and side, it will give you even more spirit to do better in minimalism.

Black Framed
If you the kind of person who want to go with contrast look, this dark wooden cupboard with rattan door is perfect for the bedroom. The dark wood gives a strong impression that balances well with the rattan door.

Rattan Boxes
Designed like boxes supported in wooden legs, this one here gives a unique look. Its small storage helps you to get serious with minimalist life style too, just like the previous one.

All in Rattan
Seen with door and the back of the cupboard with natural material, it probably also has the side. This wooden cupboard looks so light and not at all strong. So it’s perfect if you want to go neutral.

Simple Dark
This one here is for you who love a simple design but still has tiny details that make it pretty and irresistible. With the metal legs, it’s built strongly and looks thin and light.

Tall and Slim
If you prefer something that will accommodate much more storage, this one is perfect. The rattan cover door look a little bit see-trough that it gives a little curiosity. The white lines on the door give some accents for the cupboard.

Curvy Roof
An interesting touch is always welcomed. It gives a notion that it’s different from the others. And that is what this one here is all about. The sleek and smooth finish is remarkable but the curvy top makes it a familiar look. It is perfect for a room tries to have warm touch.

Slide Open
This one is also a normal-sized cupboard that will make a great storage place. And this one has sliding doors that will be good for a room with small or limited space.

Built-in Wood
If you are really serious about having natural environment even in the cupboard, you can do something like this one here. Built-in wooden and rattan cupboard might be unusual but it will last long.

Built-in Strongly
Similar to the previous one, this is for you who want to take it really seriously, this one is another idea on built in cupboard with wood and rattan doors. However, while the previous one uses wood to build the cupboard and install it to the wall, this one here make permanent cupboard with the wall and close it with rattan doors.

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