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bathroom big grey tiles floor, white toilet, white stones with pots of plants, plants on the grey walls, wooden walls, wooden floor on shower area Pinterest

Bathroom Grey Concrete Floor, Concrete Wall, Shower, Plants On Top
Bathroom Beige Floor, Grey Wall, Grey Pot, Plants, Showe, Grey Stones Vanity
Bathroom Black Stones Floor, Black Stones Wall, Plants, Light Wooden Pergola, Shower, Plants On The Corner
Bathroom Big Grey Tiles Floor, White Toilet, White Stones With Pots Of Plants, Plants On The Grey Walls, Wooden Walls, Wooden Floor On Shower Area
Bathroom Grey Wall, Concrete Tub, Wooden Frame, White Sink, Shower
Open Bathroom Yellow Stone Floor, Shower From Pergola, Grey Stone Yellow Stone Wall, White Wall,
Bathroom Vanity Wooden Floating Shelves Vanity, Stone Sink, Plants On The Wall, Mirrors With LED Frame
Bathroom Grey Marble Floor, Grey Marble Wall, Tall Thin Mirror, Marble Vanity With White Sink, Plants On The Wall
Bathroom Herringbone Tiles, White Sink, Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror, Outdoor Shower Are, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Planst Along The Wall
Bathroom White Floor, Ceiling Shower, Shower On The Middle, Plants, Glass Partition

As environment has been a popular talk, and thank God for that, people become more aware on how they consume everything. And in interior, how their arrangements in house would impact the environment. In order to have a good environment room, people start to do the easiest they can do which is having plants in the room. It can be done in any room, easily or in more difficult way. However, let’s see first how to make our bathroom soak in green influence.


Plan on Plants

It might be easiest to already have a place to make an open air bathroom. In the open, plants will easily grows and being close to the water sources will make it easy to the maintenance too. However, as soap and shampoo can be harmful, it is wise to put the plants on its pot like this one here.


Fresh Out

Similar to the previous one, this one too is an outdoor bathroom. It is so beautiful with its yellow stones floor and vanity on grey stones wall. The plants on the pergola brings shade to the outdoor bathroom that it feels secure even though it’s out in the open.


Under the Pergola

Just like the previous outdoor bathroom, this one has pergola as ceiling. Although it does not shaded by the plants, it looks like it’s covered as the plants moved to the corner where the sun can shine through. And it also gives the bathroom a bit of sunshine that makes it more vibrant. With the plants on the corner, the bathroom looks fresh.


Looking AmazingĀ 

This one here has a unique placement of the room. It has a great sight to the bedroom and sink and greenery that decorate the bedroom and bathroom. The shower time will feel refreshing.


Half Open

Having outdoor bathroom can be interesting and fun but having half open can be amazing too. This one here have it but with vanity indoor. In the outdoor part, though, the plants beautifully grow along the wall it will make shower feels so refreshing.


Watching Plants

Although growing plants inside the bathroom has its own challenge, this one here successfully put plants in vertical in the bathroom wall and makes the shower time feel incredible.


Part by Plants

If you want to put plants in your bathroom but the position where you can put the plants can be a question, this one here can give on of the best answer. Putting the plants on the partition can give dangling plants that will fall to the wall. It’s a beautiful thing to see.


Behind the Mirror

If having real plants in the bathroom is a difficult task, another smart way to put the plants in the bathroom is by having wallpaper in the vanity area of the bathroom. This small area always pronounce everything that puts here, including plants of wall. But of course, don’t forget to add some pots of real plants even if it’s small.


Special Area

Sometimes, the greenery can be something that is wanted so much that a room is arranged depending on the plants. Even this one here has its own special area for the pots of plantsĀ  beside the plants vertically planted on the wall. And everything is near the window.


On the Vanity

This one here is another inspirations on plants on the vanity area. And again, it looks stunning behind the mirror like that. With lights behind the mirror, it shines on the plants really gorgeously.

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