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backyard with wooden porch, grass, plants, plants on the wall Design Rulz

House With Wooden Porch Foor, Wooden Wall, Large Glass Winwods On Upper Level, Dock
Backyard With Wooden Porch, Grass, Plants, Plants On The Wall
A Room With Wooden Floor, Wooden Sofa, Wooden Table Dining Set, Wooden Cabinet In The Kitchen, White Tiles On Kitchen Wall
Garden Pond With Bricks Built, Water System Running From One Side, Plants Around
Pond With Water System, Plants
Porch With Brick Floor, Rattan Chair, Plants, Glass Windows
An Entrance With Terracotta Tiles Floor, Wooden Wall, Door Taht Can Be Open Half, Glass Windows, Table, Table Lamps
Bedroom On The Upper Loft With Bamboo Floor, Wooden Bed, Plants Indoor, Large Glass Window
Kitchen With Trash Baskets, Ingredients Basket Under The Counter Top, Metal Sink, Large Glass Windows, Large Doors, Shelves
Patio With Tiles, Rattan Chairs, Round Coffee Table, Vines, Fences On Top

Eco friendly life habit has been trending these days, and for a good result too. It’s not something you follow just to be as cool as other people. It’s something you do because you want to do sustainable life. And, if you are building your house or trying to change your home to make it more eco friendly, here are some ideas you can get inspirations from.


Save the Trees

If you have a place you will start you house in, you might consider all the trees grows there. Try to make your house built without cutting too much trees. When your house is finished, the big trees will help to coll down the temperature of your house when it’s hot.


House Entrance

To make an entrance that is eco friendly can be done by choosing tiles that you might not change again, that is strong and long lasting. Besides that, having too many windows is never a problem. With many windows, you can invite maximum lights as well the breeze to come inside. In this picture here, the door is even a custom one that can be open half to help the air circulation better.


An Open Room

One of the concerns in eco friendly house is that you have to think on how your house will not take too much energy. One of the thing you can do is by having a one-room options in the house. The kitchen, the dining area, and living room can be in one open room. This way, you will be able to create a room with good circulation and lighting.


Eco Friendly Bedroom

For bedroom, it is preferable to choose a room with more shades from the outside compared to another room. This way, you will get the privacy too. You can have a window that can be open to let the breeze but it’s not a must to have the large one, unless you’re not disturbed by too much light.


Kitchen and the Trash

Eco-friendly life takes major change in trash management. There are so many kinds of trash management that you can try to do. But, the one thing happen in the kitchen is sorting. That’s why, in eco-friendly kitchen, you will need many baskets to sort your trash. Not only that, you will also need place to keep your vegetables, fruits and all seasoning in a place with less humidity. While doing all that, you will also want windows with maximum level of lights and air.


Trees All Over

On your backyard, even if you have only small space, you can start to grow trees. Not only, you can also grow trees from pots that you can hang on the walls.


Tree Shade

For those who have patio on the back, vines can be an excellent option. With vines, you will be able to control the direction where it would spread. With that, you can make your own shades. This will also helps the next room feels not too hot.


Mini Garden

Obviously, when you try to live sustainable, you will try to grow your own food. Or, just start gardening. To start your gardening project, you can make the space in the balcony, or front porch. Then, you will give more shade to your house.


Water Running

Another thing that will help you cool the house down is by having pond or water system near the building. That way, the wind that comes to your house will be cooled down by the water first. Not only that, you got another chance to grow your flower around it.


Put Some Fish

Similar to the previous one, this one is another beautiful garden pond. The difference is that with this larger pond, you will be able to grown your flower and have some fish. It will make your house feels even closer to the nature.

garden pond with bricks built, water system running from one side, plants around


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