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bathroom with wooden floor, wooden floating cabinet vanity, textured brown backsplash, brown marble wall, plants on top My Remodel

Living Room With Wooden Floor, Brown Sofa, Small Coffee Tables, Plants On The Wall And Pot
Open Dining Area With Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Wooden Stools, Plants Outside
Balcony With Wooden Floor, Windows, White Wall, Bamboo, Plants, Ottoman
Living Room With White Marble Floor, Long Wooden Table, White Sofa, Hexagon Shelves For Plants On The Wall
Bathroom With Wooden Floor, Wooden Floating Cabinet Vanity, Textured Brown Backsplash, Brown Marble Wall, Plants On Top
Kitchen With Brown Tiles, White Marble Walls, Wooden Wall With Shelves And Plants, Wooden Ceiling
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Lounge Chair, Wooden Sde Tables, Grey Wall, Plants On The Wall, Lamps On The Plants
Balcony With Brown Floor, Wooden Bench With Grey Cushions, Pillows, Pictures, Plants On The Wall, Windows
Verandah With White Floor, White Sofa, Brown Cofee Table, Plants On The Wall Back
Living Room With White Floor, Blue Sofa, Wood Slab Coffee Table, Plants On The Wall, White Wall, White Curtains

As ecosystem has been a popular concern, thank God, it has affected many things in life, from how food, trash, to growing new plants. And of course, it also affects how people start to see their home. It is a blessing when they can enjoy the home while doing some action in sustainability too. Here are some ideas on how you can ecodesign your home with more plants.


Plants on Balcony

Balcony is probably one of part of the house that is easiet to decorate with plants. Being in the open air, plants can easily grow here. In this picture, you can see how a wall of greens planted on the wall behind the sofa. It brings fresh look and also becomes our give back to the nature.


Use the space

Similar to the previous one, here we have a balcony. Even though the space is not as large as the previous one, this little green is heave. It gives natural look to the balcony. It bring warmth to the look too, combined with wooden benches.


Refreshing Spot

As balcony is the easiest spot to have live plants, especially for those who live in apartment, balcony becomes one place that can create the fresh natural look taken from the plants. With bamboos, this one here successfully depicts fresh and calm at once.


In the Living Room

While living room is more secluded compared to balcony, with large windows, living room can also has the greens inside. This one here has a wall of plants on the wall. The fresh green look compliment the white room and fresh blue chairs here.


To a Calm Room

While the previous room looks vibrant, this one looks calm even with the greens. With brown sofa and the plants inside the room, a feeling of peaceful can be achieved perfectly well.


Night Comes

When day comes, plants will give you fresh feeling with all the windows open. However, when the night comes, one thing that you can do is use all the leave shape to create a dramatic shadow, like this one here. By putting small spotlights for the plants, shadows on the ceiling and wall will be shown.



Another thing that you can do to your plants in the living room is putting them into floating shelves on the wall and let their branch dangling. If you are lucky, you can find something as stunning as seen in this one here.


Plant Your Food

In the kitchen, where you create your food, if you have enough light, it is a great idea to plant your own resources. In this picture below, you can see lettuce dangling beautifully from the wooden shelves in wooden wall that continues to the ceiling (the wall, not the shelves). It is so beautifully designed.


Open Dining Area

Having an open air room like this is really rare. But, if you can have it, you can do what this picture shows you. Growing some plants on the soil and you can get breezy and shade from them.


Plants in the Bathroom

This one here is really beautiful the designer must be a genius. Planting in a closed space is really hard but this one can do it in a bathroom. With the brown marble and wooden furniture, this bathroom really loves nature, huh?


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