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banquette, grey corner sofa, grey wall, white marble top table, pretty pendant Style at Home

Banquette, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Shelves, White Built In Bench, Blue Cushion, Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs, White Pendant
Banquette, Dark Grey Built In Bench, Black Rattan Chairs, White Marble Oval Table, Pendants With Bulb, Golden Cover, And Black Glass
Banquette, Wooden Floor, White Vaulted Ceiling, Ceiling Windows, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Bench With Cushion, Yellow Pillows, Yellow Round Table, Wooden Chairs
Banquette, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Rectangular Dining Table, Rattan Chairs, Glass Pendant, White Ceiling, White Blue Striped Curtain, White Corner Bench
Banquette, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, White Built In Bench, Round White Table, Chopper Chairs With Blue Cushion
Banquette, Grey Corner Sofa, Grey Wall, White Marble Top Table, Pretty Pendant
Banquette, Dark Wooden Floor, Blue Corner Bench, White Wall, White Bulb Pendant, White Wall, Rattan Chairs
Banquette, Wooden Floor, White Built In Bench, Blue Cushion, White Wall, Glass Window, Rattan Pendant, Dark Patterned Chair, Wooden Table
Banquette, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Bench, Blue Corner Sofa, Square Wooden Table, White Bulbs Chandelier
Banquette, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, White Arch, White Sofa, Wooden Chairs With Leather Cushion, Blue Traditional Chanderlier

Banquette or dining nook is a perfect place for you to close the gap with your friends and family. It is a more private place to talk and to study together, as having banquette does not only mean you get to eat there but you can also put your work there. If you want to have warm and elegant dining nook, you would love to look at this compilation below. Stunning banquettes have been collected to give you more inspirations.

Traditional Blue
This elegant banquette makes a fresh and bright dining place. The built-in bench that half circle the round table makes a fun place to enjoy the place. You can have a great view to enjoy, bright light to work on pictures, and warm dining time with your family and friends.

Fun Yellow
This elegant dining room with vaulted ceiling looks fun with the yellow table and pillows. The neutral and white surrounding makes this yellow touch look even brighter and pronounced. The vaulted ceiling and the windows make the room feels airy and bright.

Inside a Nook
This nook is literally positioned inside a small room. This traditional and elegant nook makes a strong impression with its dark wall and wooden ceiling. The white neutral banquette brings out sweet contrast to the darkness and brightness of the room.

Warm and Classic
This pretty corner is decorated sweetly with flowers and natural touches on the pendant and accessories. The white blue banquette makes a similar fresh and sweet look that blend the two characters beautifully.

Velvety Blue
This banquette makes a really gorgeous and elegant look with its blue velvet corner sofa and black chairs. The marble oval table gives an elegant touch aong with the white bulb pendants above.

Elegant Sofa
If you love an elegant setting, you would love this simple yet pretty banquette. The corner sofa looks easy and neutral. The tulip table with marble top and the white golden pendant are an elegant combination with neutral details.

Pretty Flowery
This banquette set looks simple yet so pretty. With pendants combination on the above, the setting looks even prettier. And the flowery wall has been a perfect background for this pretty banquette.

Modern Elegance
This modern banquette brings out a simple look with its neutral and simple bench and chairs, as well as wooden table. However, because of its simplicity and pretty design, it looks expensive.

Elegant Beach Look
With white and blue combination, beach look can actually create an elegant look easily. This one shows how minimalist details on the pattern and plain white canvas can create an easy look. Putting a glass and golden pendant has been a great help to make the beach banquette looks amazing.

Grand and Elegant
For those who love grandeur ambiance, putting a big banquette like this would be a perfect option. The dark bench makes the corner looks even more elegant, along with the white bulb chandelier above.

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